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Your peices of advice are welcome here. xx
Heyy everyone! How are you all ladies holding up? Well, just wanted a little piece of advice here. I just got a call from a friend whom I met at my treatment of infertility years back. She came back to the USA. So, now she is still not able to get pregnant! She has had her second marriage. I just suggested her to conceive through a surrogacy procedure. I referred her to the same clinic as mine, from where I'm having my IVF in Kiev, Ukraine. She is considering it but, she still thinks that she can have transplantation...So, she is too confused now! Well, I also don't know what to tell her? I mean both are ways! So, yeah! I need pieces of advice from other people. Hit me up! Thanks, ladies! xx
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I don't think there's any need of getting nervous or being confused. Surrogacy is trusted treatment for the infertile women. If someone really want to make their life soothing with her own baby, than there's no point to think. It's not like deciding the tooth brush for your mouth. it's totally a new way to cover your unfilled part in a proper manner. Who don't want a positive change? A fool maybe. I know one of my neighbor who was facing the same situation. His husband was applying for the divorce just because she wasn't able to give birth to the child. Then she came to know about this method and that completely changed her whole life. Now she's living a happy married life. So it's obvious that without a child, it's like missing a big part of your life. Just close your eyes and imagine the smile of your own child it'll blow away all your misconceptions about it.
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Hey Rachel, I hope you're doing fine. I'm good, thanks for asking. Well, I think that her body may be weak which is why she hasn't been able to conceive as yet. So, I think she should go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is the safest method, which is also reliable. I had my daughter through the surrogacy process from Ukraine. They're amazing at their job. She should definitely go for it. Good luck to her and to you too!
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Joined: 2018-01-28
I think transplantation is not the appropriate way. IVF would be better than that. Tell her to try IVF first. She might conceive. Transplantation is going to cost her a lot. The clinic you are talking about might help her out. I have heard its famous for its huge success rate.
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"Hey! don't get confused. I would suggest surrogacy. Surrogacy is not painful as compared to other procedures. This clinic is great. she should visit it once. people think that this is an unnatural process of having a baby but for your friend surrogacy is the only option left. Wasting time will get her nothing."
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Dear Branson, it is very difficult to make the right decision. Especially when you are desperate to have a baby of your own, it becomes difficult to go for the proper choice. Before opting for the right choice it is very important to search for the best clinic. A reliable clinic can make the right pace. Clinics like the one you have mentioned are doing a great job.I also had the assistance from the clinic in Ukraine for my surrogacy. Instead of forcing her to listen to your words, I think it is better to let her decide on her own.
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Hey Rachel. I hope you are well. You are such a good friend. The suggestion you gave her is great. She can consider surrogacy. It is completely safe too. I would advise her the same thing. Transplantation is too risky. I wouldn't want anyone to suffer and go through so much. But you know, it really is her suggestion. The clinic you referred her is actually very good. Going to them for her surrogacy would be a wise choice. I don't regret making this decision for myself one bit. The money I gave to them proved to be an investment. I have my own son now. I didn't go for egg donation. I accepted the truth. I saved my body from going through all this. I hope your friend makes a wise choice. Best of luck.
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Transplantation, I don't think that's a good idea. I would rather passed it. Tell her to go for surrogacy. That would be best for her. She is taking much tension about this. Just advise her that she won't have to go for transplantation. I don't think this is good and long lasting. Surrogacy would be better instead of that. Wish her a very best of luck. Hope she takes a good decision. Be with her deae. She needs support.
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Joined: 2018-03-10
Hi Rachel. I hope you are well! Your friend is in a pitiful situation. I do feel for her. It's a tough realization not being successful TTC. I was never able to either. However, my case was a bit different. I went the surrogacy route. I have my beautiful daughter now! It's amazing. I think your friend should check out IVF and surrogacy for herself. Clinics really do matter. She should be thorough in her search for that. It seems she is good hands considering your experience. Good luck with everything!
Hannah R xx
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Hey there. I am very sorry for your friend. Surrogacy is a great way to have babies if you're infertile. Okay, so what sort of transplantation is your friend going for? Renal Transplantation? Cause I've read that 90% women do get pregnant after that. But also there are loads of side effects. Ask your friend to do a complete research and then select something. Wishing her luck.
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Racheal, according to my point of view, surrogacy is the best option. If she goes to the same clinic from where you got your treatment then it is best for her. I am talking about Biotexcom. I am also going to have my surrogacy from that clinic next month. Surrogacy there is very popular with maximum positive results. So, if she doesn't want to waste her time and money, she must go there. Surrogacy there is at very affordable rates with maximum positive results. She would definitely get what she really wants.

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