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It may sur­prise you, but having an X-ray during pregnancy is generally considered safe. In most cases, the benefits of the X-ray outweigh the potential risks. When you have an abdominal X-ray during pregnancy, your developing baby is exposed to radiation. If the radiation causes changes in your baby's rapidly growing cells, it's possible that your baby could be at a slightly higher risk of birth defects or illnesses, such as leukemia, later in life. Generally, however, having an X-ray during pregnancy is thought to pose only the most remote risk to a developing baby. Most X-ray exams - including those of your arms, legs, head, teeth or chest - won't expose your reproductive organs or your baby to radiation. A lead­ed apron and collar also can be worn to block any scattered radiation.

If you need an X-ray, tell your care provider if you are or might be pregnant. Your care provider might be able to do an ultrasound instead of an X-ray. In addition, if you have a child who needs an X­-ray exam, don't hold your child during the exam if you are or might be pregnant. Instead, ask another person to take your place.

If you had an X-ray exam before you knew you were pregnant, don't panic. Remember, the risk is very small. It's highly unlikely that you received enough radiation to cause any problems. If, how­ever, you received a radiation treatment for a medical condition -such as radiation to treat cancer - the risks may be more significant. Share any concerns about radiation exposure with your care provider.


My wife is in 17 weeks of

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Submitted by mani (not verified) on Fri, 2013-10-25 10:17.
My wife is in 17 weeks of pregnancy and she needs too have a chest X-ray , so we want to know wheatear or not it is safe or it is better to wait up to 20 weeks.

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