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women’s feelings and experiences.
Pregnancy is such a nice time in women’s life. The feeling of giving birth to a new life is really awesome. Although it is a long and tough journey but the beautiful outcome of this journey is worth it. It’s my first pregnancy and I am in third trimester. Two milestones already gone and now is the last one. I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts throughout this beautiful journey. I decided to share my experience with other women, so that they can enjoy and learn about pregnanv. Now my feelings are kind of mix a little exited and a little bit worried about the big day. I have started packing up for my hospital bag already I know it’s a bit early but still I am working on it. My worries about the big day are if I will be able to do it. If I shall be able to take care of my little one properly. I am getting answers of most of my question from here. I feel very good after reading other women’s feelings and experiences.
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Hey Weberquin, I appreciate the fact that you posted about your joy on this forum. Most humans are only complaining. They show up only when they have some problem. It's rare when the happiness is shared. Congratulations on reaching the trimester successfully. Unfortunately, there are not certificates granted. For making through these non-academic semesters (pun intended). I can see how excited you are with all the packing already done. What hospital have you chosen? I hope everything goes well. Love xx

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