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usps transportation and monitoring usps transportation and monitoring How can I track the shipment?   Each package sent has a tracking number that the customer will receive via email, along with the instructions to be able to track your shipment step by step. You can follow up directly on our website, or by clicking on the follow-up link you will receive in your email.   Where can I track the shipment?   You can follow up directly on our website by entering the order number or the tracking number of your shipment in our tracking tool. You can also track your shipment by clicking on the tracking link you will receive in your email. The link will direct you to the tracking tool of the transport company where you can monitor the transit of your shipment at any time.   What information will I get with tracking my shipment?   Through tracking you can see where your shipment is at this moment. Information, such as the location of your package, will help you understand when the delivery will be made.   What is the average transit time?   The average transit time depends on the usps transportation route you choose. You can see the estimated delivery time in the second step of the reservation process. Also, you can check the estimated transit time of your shipment if you enter the country of collection and delivery below:  usps tracking [1]   Calculation of the estimated delivery time: Collection * Delivery* CALCULATION   What are the reasons why delays in delivery may occur?   A delay in the delivery of the shipment may occur in one of the following cases:   • The recipient is not present at the specified address; • The location is difficult to reach and the transport company may have difficulty locating the address; • The address is incorrect or incomplete (for example, the building access code); • The collection or delivery address is closed (in cases where they are not a private residence but, for example, a hotel, company, shop, etc.); • External circumstances such as weather, traffic accidents block the road, lack of time on the part of the driver of the transporting company; • National holidays in the country of delivery; among other. [1] http://shippingtracking.xyz/usps-tracking/

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