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There is no specific cause of my infertility.I have gone through several medical tests regaring infertility but doctors can't decide the main cause for my infertility.So they have called me infertile for life. Trying to conceive is such a difficult part of my married life.I am ttc from last 10 years.Still i don't have any luck with it. I want a baby too badly as i have been trying to conceive from the last decade.I am looking for other alternatives to have a baby.I have looked into a numbe rof options like adoption,surrogacy. I have came to know from many forums about surrogacy. i heard many infertile women going for surrogacy.People on forum are discussing mostly about surrogacy,People discuss about clinics mostly.
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Joined: 2018-07-10
Hey Elena, hope you are doing well. I have the same case. I also don't know the actual cause of my infertility. I have been facing infertility after my first miscarriage and its been 8 years now. I was TTC since last 8 years, tried every kind of treatment and course but nothing worked. Even my husband performed so many medical tests but there is nothing wrong with him also. Doctors couldn't diagnose any specific cause. I am done with TTC now. Me and my husband recently decided to try surrogacy, we have researched on it a lot and surrogacy is most efficient and safe procedure . We have found a clinic also. Its Biotexcom in ukraine. We have contacted and discussed our issue with them. doctors are highly experienced and professional as well as kind and humble also. They have gone through my case very well and suggested me surrogacy also. The clinic has high success rate and they are offering affordable procedures also. Soon we are flying to ukraine for my surrogacy procedure. I will also suggest you to try surrogacy. It is safe procedure like normal pregnancy.Don't waste anymore time on TTC. In fact, you have a safer option. i will suggest you to meet them on their event. they are organising an event here in uk on 18-19 august. You must visit them and discuss your case with doctors. I know the pain you have been through cause i went through the same. and this is my sincere advice that please give a try to surrogacy.
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Hey, I am so sorry to read about your difficult journey. I hope things get better for you. Unexplained infertility can be really hard to go through. I hope things get better. My advice to you would be to switch your clinic. Visit a clinic that is more expereinced and has a high success rate. These things matter a lot and shouldn't be ignored. There are procedures like IVF that you can look into. I am sure it would work for you if you go to an experienced doctor. There are many! The one I know about is operating in Eastern Europe. They offer amazing programs and packages. You can email them and discuss everything with them. They will reply almost instantly.
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There are good options here. You need to talk to your doctor about this first. There are some conditions where IVF isn't suitable. It might just end up being a waste of time and resources. You don't want to put yourself through that. This is why you need to talk to your doctor and see what treatments are suitable for you. You can go with the options he suggests. I was told that my options were surrogacy and adoption only.
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I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. Ah, this really is a tough one. Unexplained infertility stings more. That's because you're just not sure. It's really painful to not know the cause. I hope you're doing well. However, I like your take on all of this. Surrogacy is a decent option to opt for, just like adoption. However, do you really want to jump directly to those? There are lots of other options for you. You can check out IUIs or even IVF. That could help you. As the problem isn't known, it's hard to rule these out. You should probably visit a fertility clinic, first of all. That will be a good decision. They will examine you, medically, then let you know what's best for you. Good luck to you!

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