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Joined: 2018-04-07
I tired now of going to different clinics. I have been TTC from last 10 years. Now i have decided to go for surrogacy as a ultimate resort. I live in Bulgaria surrogacy is ban here. So i will have to move to another state to have a baby via surrogacy. I have heard there are many good clinics for surrogacy in Ukraine. I will surely now move to Ukraine for surrogacy. I have fertility issue. I even don't know what is the reason for my infertility. I went to a number of clinics regarding fertility. They don't even know the reason behind this. My husband is also with me. As we have been waiting too long for baby. He is super excited about our start. I hope everything goes well. I am also that finally we will have a baby. Someone has some experience about surrogacy?? Do let me know if you have.
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Joined: 2018-05-10
Hi elena, how are you? I am glad things worked for you. Congratulations for the baby. Can you please recommend your clinic to us? We are trying to contact Lotus clinic form last 40 days. But they are not replying. We want to start surrogacy ASAP. Hope to hear from you soon. TIA
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Joined: 2018-03-11
Hi. I am so sorry. Infertility is hard to overcome. There are many clinics for surrogacy. I have seen many couples coping with infertility. It is hard to phase for a woman. Surrogacy is a blessing. I have a baby through surrogacy. I was not able to become a mother. My husband wanted a baby so we chose surrogacy. I am a happy mother.
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Joined: 2018-05-30
Well, I am not infertile. It is about my friend. She was infertile. She had some unexplained infertility. She was fine according to reports but internally no one knows. So She went for surrogacy at last resort. Now she has a baby. She is happy to choose it. She has no more worries.
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Joined: 2018-06-13
Hey dear, I hope you are doing well. I feel sorry for you. Yes, I have gone from all this. I had a miscarriage in a road accident. And I lost my fertility too. That accident took my everything. I was so alone at that time. My family was blaming me for all this. They all became strangers. I was so worried. And depressed too. But then my friend told me about a clinic in Europe. They told me about surrogacy. I was confused. But the clinic's environment was very good. And the doctors were very polite. They founded a good surrogate for me. I went for all the process. And now, I have a baby girl. I am very happy now.
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Joined: 2018-04-23
You took the right decision. This place is the hub for surrogacy. It has so many great clinics. They have a great success rate. Though don't look into Lotus. They are expansive than the rest. They even have some hidden taxes. So try looking for other clinics. If you get a good clinic, your life will be sorted. A good clinic will be responsible. They will be friendly. They will even provide you with a place to live and accommodate the food for you as well. I hope you get one soon. Good luck with it.
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Joined: 2018-06-07
Hey Elena! I really felt sad to know about the condition that you are facing right now. I'm glad that you are going for surrogacy. It's a great step. The clinic in which you are going to have the treatment has a very good reputation around. From there, one of my friends had her surrogacy and I heard many good reviews from her. She was suffering from some heart issues due to this she was unable to conceive. Later she went for surrogacy and she has a beautiful daughter. Well, nowadays the use of surrogacy is increasing day by day. I hope it will keep helping like that
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Joined: 2018-04-11
Thanks for sharing such a motivational post. I hope many people would aware of this. Surrogacy is a blessing. It has made easy for people like us who cannot conceive naturally. I have also a baby through Surrogacy. I am so blessed to have him. I wish it would help others infertile too.
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Joined: 2018-06-26
Hi Elena, hope you are doing well. I hope your process get started soon. I am also considering surrogacy from Ukraine. I contacted Adonis clinic and it is too slow to respond. They ignore most of my emails. I know this pain of delay for no apparent reason. I am thinking to switch clinic as they have wasted many weeks.Please wish me luck.
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Joined: 2018-06-10
Hi Elena i am so happy for you. This is amazing. Surrogacy is an amazing process. My sister has been through it too. She went to the BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine. To get her proceure done. She has a baby boy now. Beautiful and healthy. I would suggest that you look into them. I am sure you will find a way.
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Joined: 2018-07-08
Hi Elena! Hope you are in good health. I am sorry about your infertility. I am glad that you have not given up hope and still perusing surrogacy. Surrogacy is beautiful. I have also been through surrogacy from Ukraine and know that you are in good hands. You have nothing to worry about Ukraine has some of the best clinics for infertility treatment. All the best to you on your journey.
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Joined: 2018-01-23
It's going to be alright. You are taking tension out of no reason. It could happen to anyone, dear. It's not your fault. Everything will be alright with you. We must always believe. Whatever we feel. Everything is going to be alright for us in the end. It's nothing to worry about. Just be calm.
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Joined: 2018-01-26
There is nothing to worry about. It's not just with you. It could happen to anyone, dear. It'll be alright. We always believe that everything is going to create a problem. It's not like that. Everything requires time but will be alright after that. There is nothing to worry about. We believe that it's really bad. It's not in any case. Everything will be alright. Just take care.
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Joined: 2018-03-09
Hello dear desperate mom from Bulgaria, hope you are doing absolutely fine. It is a big tesr to be a TTC. Apparently a TTC parent is struggling hard but actually he or she is enduring a lot of physical and mental stress. Every day begins with a hope. The IP looks forward to have an amazing time. They believe that the things will get better in sometime. Unfortunately ten years is a long period. I really salute your patience. Being depressed after this is a genuine thing. Still you have taken the right step. You have done a great thing by choosing the right option of surrogacy. Bulgaria is not the only country where surrogay is not allowed. It does not enjoy the legal status in many parts of the world. It is better to seek help in the East european countries. There are number of good fertility clinics working there. I hope that you are able to get the right choice soon.
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Joined: 2018-07-10
Hi, how are you? I am really happy for you. Congratulations on your baby. It was the best time of your life. Surrogacy is indeed a blessing. It gives happiness to many couples. The best thing is that you have chosen the best place for your treatment. There is some worst clinic like Lotus in Europe. They are dealing very harshly with people. I have also seen many bad reviews about it. I am happy that you are safe from such scammers. Your place is the best. That's why you were successful. I wish you a very good luck. My best wishes are with you and your baby
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Joined: 2018-01-22
Hey, I hope things go well for you. 10 years of trying is indeed a lot. You are a very brave person. It is good that you are looking into alternatives. Surrogacy is an amazing procedure. I am in the middle of the process and things are going really well. For the process, there are a few things that matter. Firstly, make sure you visit a country where the process is legal. This is because it is still not legal in many countries. Other than this make sure the clinic you decide to visit has a high success rate. It should be experienced in this process. One of the reasons why my process is going well is because of the clinic choice. The services they offer are great as well. If you need more details do let me know. Sending baby dust.
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Joined: 2018-01-20
Hey, Elena, I hope things go well for you. I myself had to go to Ukraine from a different country. It is a big step that one has to take. Therefore, I can very much relate to you. However, honestly, for me, it was all worth it. The clinic here has been treating us so very well. I remember during the first visit I was scared. Mainly, because I didn't know what to expect. However, once I entered the clinic and saw soo many other people visiting the clinic I was reassured that this was the place. The staff welcomed us ever so nicely. After that things just start to go with the pace. It all went according to the plan and my process is going well. Which package did you opt for? We opted for the standard package which I believe was a good decision. Along with it we even went forward with the guarantee program that they offer.
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Joined: 2018-03-03
Hey, I had my first and so far the only child through surrogacy. The experience went amazing. For the procedure just make sure to be well researched. The clinic you choose will basically determine how your experience goes. Also, it is a lengthy process so you will have to be patient. Best of luck with everything. I hope things go perfectly for you. Do keep us updated.
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Joined: 2018-03-21
Congratulations to you. I'm glad you decided to go for assisted conception. 10 years is a long time. I don't know how you managed TTC for that long. I couldn't do it for more than 3 years. You sure are a very strong and patient person. Good luck with the birth of your child now.

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