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Joined: 2018-07-30
Hey there how are you all? I hope you all are doing great. I know surrogacy is considered to be a banned practice in some countries. But don't worry Ukraine has the best surrogacy agencies. One can complete their family in Ukraine. I and my partner had our first surrogacy and now we are waiting for the results. Thanks and pray for us.
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Hey! I hope you're fine. That is great to hear, Amelia! I really think surrogacy shouldn't be banned too. It's provided such a beautiful alternative to us. Infertility is so difficult a phase. I wouldn't wish anyone go through it. But people do. It's sad but we need to face this with our chin up. I am glad you got to complete your family through surrogacy. That's the beauty of it. I hope more people find light with it. Wishing you all the best in your future. Lots of love!
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Hello. How are you doing? It's all true. Surrogacy is banned in most of the countries. I feel bad for the people living there. If they want to go for this, they can't even do it in their own country. But that is not the only problem. The countries where surrogacy is legal, it is expensive. Not everyone can afford to get it done. This is sad too. Because there are so many people who would be suffering through this exact thing. But they get those treatments because they can't afford them. The clinic I went to for surrogacy really took care of this matter. They made sure to provide affordable treatments for infertility. People who live in countries where surrogacy is banned can visit them in order to have a baby. It's really affordable there.
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Yes, unfortunately many European countries prohibit surrogacy. In this regard, childless couples have to look for clinics abroad. In Ukraine, there really are many surrogacy clinics. This is not surprising, because in this country this issue is regulated at the legislative level. All rights to a child born to a surrogate mother belong to the parents. A surrogate mother signs a contract under the terms of which she will not have any rights to the born baby. In addition, Ukraine has relatively low prices for this service, which is important for many families.

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