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Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing good. I am here to discuss my sister Bad experienced. She has been dealing with infertility. She had gone through Fibroids surgery. Due to this, she has lost her uterus. A few months ago she contacted Lotus clinic. As she read many good reviews about this clinic. But they didn’t give us a positive response. She had many hopes on them. But they didn’t pay any value. Due to this clinic, she has already wasted her any time. Now she is facing a problem while searching for a good clinic. She wants to start her treatment as soon as possible. If you anyone of you has any good experienced with any clinic. Please let me know about it.
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Hey, there dear. I am really sorry to hear about your sister. I know it must be really bad for her. Give her all the support you can. Lotus and Adonis are really terrible places. They are playing with our emotions I hope they learn their lessons. I wish your sister good luck.
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Hey there. Thank you for sharing your experience here. I thought that this clinic would have fixed it’s act by now. I am amazed at how they think they’ll continue fooling people. I’m really sorry for what your sister went. I really hope she finds a better clinic. She should not lose hope. Sending her love and best wishes.
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This is such a shocker. I am surprised at how these people think they can do whatever they want. I hope they get what they deserve. They should not get away with this. I am sorry for your sister. i can only imagine how you must all feel. But do not lose hope. There are better clinics, even in Ukraine. My friend went to one. I hope you find it.
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Incredibly sorry to hear about your sister. I know someone who went through the exact same situations. I can understand what your sister went through. She wasn't treated well at the clinic she considered earlier. This is why this is the most important part of starting fertility treatments. Choosing a good clinic is very important. People should take as much time as they need to find the perfect clinic. I had heard similar stories, so I didn't make such mistakes. I spent a couple of months where I looked for reviews and contacted every clinic that seemed reliable. I finally found one. I even got in touch with their previous clients to get to know about their experience. After this, I went for it. And they didn't disappoint, just as I had expected. Their offers seem too good to be true in the start. But they proved to be the best fertility clinic out there in my opinion. You sister can consider this for herself.

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