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Joined: 2018-01-20
Query about PCOS and IVF?
Hello there everyone! This is Rachel. You all probably know me here. Well, as you all know I'm undergoing an IVF this year at a repro center in Ukraine. I was thinking to loose my weight a little. I'm not prescribed by the clinic. But, I've read a lot that IVF results do improve as PCOS patient loses her weight. Even, my previous obs suggested me sometimes. So, yeah! I think that would be fine? Right? I'm 145lbs right now. What do you ladies say?
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Joined: 2018-05-18
Well, yes! Daily work out is always fine. But, still before doing something as you're trying to get pregnant. Ask your obstetrician. If he approves than just go for it. Stay in a loop with your doctor. It's always helpful. :)
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Joined: 2018-02-20
Hey there! I'm sorry to know about your infertility. I know that its the worst feeling ever. I'm glad you're going for an IVF. One shouldn't let infertility take over their life. Well, losing weight is a good idea. But I'd suggest that you don't follow a strict diet. IVF is a very painful process, dear. I don't want that you get weak by the diet. Eating healthy is beneficial for you in a normal lifestyle too. Try jogging daily and just skip the sugary things from your diet. I'm sure this would help you a lot. Take care of yourself though. I wish you luck. I hope your IVF is successful. Lots of love and prayers for you!
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Joined: 2017-09-10
Hi, everything will be fine, I wish you good luck! The main thing is to believe in the best, I hope you went there not in vain. My friends also went to Ukraine. But they are concerned about the issue of surrogacy. But, the clinic, in which they turned - they liked it very much. Therefore, I hope that within the next year they will be able to become happy parents. I wish you patience and success in your endeavor.
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Joined: 2018-02-16
Congratulations on your success. Ukraine is very popular regarding IVF and surrogacy. I have heard from many people about its success. I have decided to go for surrogacy from Ukraine. Surrogacy is the most common method of having a baby with your own DNA. I'm 43 years old and i have also no luck with kids. I had many complications regarding pregnancy.I conceived for 3 times but resulted in miscarriages every time.So i also gave up on getting pregnant again and again.I researched over the web for different methods of having babies and i came across surrogacy.Surrogacy is a good solution for mothers like us who can't have a baby of their own.While researching about surrogacy i came across a clinic name many times.There are very positive reviews about it over the internet. So i contacted the clinic and told them my complications they answered my all questions.They cleared my misunderstanding about the surrogacy. So now i am ready to go for the surrogacy method. I have persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy.He is ready if we can have a baby via surrogacy of our own DNA's. The clinic will find a good surrogate for our baby. If someone has any review and suggestion for some clinic in Ukraine please let us know.So that we can learn from you.
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Joined: 2018-03-16
I have often heard that PCOS and IVF are the best combinations. And many women have found to be sharing their success with PCOS and IVF. But yes being overweight is never been good to go option. The time when you start being TTC you must not be overweight. You would have to be a healthy person when you want to conceive. And the most important thing is that in IVF treatment you would have to be conceiving and that means you must be a positive candidate to conceive. If surrogacy would be an option then you won't have to worry about the weight. Most of the doctors ask to lose weight when you are TTC. And hopefully, your doctor would ask you to lose weight as soon as you would start your IVF. BTW could I ask you the place or the clinic of whom you are taking services for your IVF? Wishes for the successful procedure. Good luck
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Joined: 2018-03-03
Hey, there I hope you're doing well. Losing weight is a good idea. However, that does not mean you start to starve your self. It is really important that even during IVF you take your important nutrients. Make sure your diet isn't malnutrition. Also, you can start doing yoga as well. This will give your body an energy that will for sure assist you with the process. You may also start exercising. By exercising you will remain fresh and active as well. A lot of people also opt for acupuncture during IVF you can consider that as well. Just before taking any step do consult your doctor and ask for his/her suggestion. It is always good to take the advice especially when you are undergoing such a procedure. Other than that I hope everything goes fine. Just stay positive and have a strong faith in yourself. Sending baby dust your way.
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Joined: 2018-01-23
This is very much. I think you should make it down to like 120lbs. That would be best for you. I don't think its that much difficult for you. Just remember one thing, dear. This is very important for you. You should do it on your first priority. I don't think you should just let it go just like that. You have to worry about this thing. After you get a successful treatment. You are about to carry a child. For that, it is necessary for you to lose some weight. That would be great for you. I know you can do it. You are a tough lady. Best of luck dear. I hope you are going to be successful in this. Best of luck.
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Joined: 2018-03-09
PCOS is a major cause of infertility. There are number of reasons behind having the PCOS. One of the reasons is the huge weight also. Many women who put on extra weight have to fight the PCOS. In this condition the women can conceive but only when the reasons of PCOS are controlled. The positive things are in your own hand. I won't say that with heavy weight and PCOS getting pregnant is not possible. At the same time I would not say that the procedure will bring complete success if you have a heavy weight and PCOS both. In your case you have waited. I would suggest that you take aquick step before going for the IVF. If you don't want to face the risk of failure then it is better to take the first step. Reduce your weight and it will also control the problem to a greater extent. Once you lose the weight the weight the PCOS will be resolved and this will increase the chances of successful IVF sessions. I hope that you will also see a good doctor for your problems. A medical procedure well in time under the guidance of the experts will be really helpful. Wishing you all the best in your life.
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Joined: 2018-03-17
I don't know much about IVF. But i have experience with surrogacy. Surrogacy has been a good thing for me after all.I read about surrogacy alot.I heard people talking about it mostly on the forums or on different social platforms. I had hystrestomy cancer.I am cancer free but i can't be a mom anymore.I was ver upset and stressed.But my husband was there to support me.He assured me that he will do everything to have us a baby. So we came to know about surrogacy.Firstly we both searched about surrogacy we understood every aspect of surrogacy.Than we moved to Europe from Japan.Japan has banned surrogacy totally so we moved.We stayed in Europe for 4 months and consulted some clinics too. but due to several reasons my husband was not very satisfied.Then we moved to Ukraine.We heard from many people about many clincis in Ukraine.Ukraine is very popular as per surrogacy.In Ukraine we contacted a clinic and than the clinic started our journey of surrogacy. Now the surrogate mother is pregnant with our twin daughters.We are very excited to have our own babies now.
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Joined: 2018-05-10
Sorry to hear about your infertility. You suffered too much. I want to ask why you chose IVF? IVF success rate is below 50% also the treatment is very expensive. I suggest you to look for surrogacy. Visit Bio TexCom clinic Ukraine for treatment details. For more details about clinic and packages visit http://mother-surrogate.info/. I hope you will make the right decision.
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Joined: 2018-04-07
I am TTC from last 10 years but no luck at all. I am infertile doctors can't find the reason behind my infertility. I am now tired of TTC as it has been 10 years. So now i have decided to go for surrogacy to have a baby of me. I heard it is the most popular method of having a baby if you can't have one naturally. I have seen many videos regarding surrogacy and i am learning from peoples experiences. You can have the peoples reviews from the yutube about the clinic. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg15WUWvvl_jWlq45hP0NXQ
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I think go for it. It will give you inner peace. But do not starve yourself. It might affect the IVF treatment. Talk to the doctor. Ask ways about how you can lose weight. Baby dust your way <3
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Yes, it does. It could be very effective for you. You don't have to be in tension at all. Everything is alright. I just want you to know that everyone is with you here. We are all here for your support. You just don't need to worry about anything. There are a lot of other methods available as well. If that doesn't work for you then these methods surely will. You just need to stay calm. Take care a lot of yourself.
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Joined: 2018-06-13
Hello Rachel. How are you? I think losing weight will be a good option. It may increase your chance of conceiving. I have read an article about this. They said that weight plays an important role in conceiving. Less weight will be in your favor. You should start some exercises. Yoga is a good option. It helps in maintaining your BMI. Try going for a walk daily. Eat fresh and healthy. Try to cut on carbs. Take good care of yourself. Love and luck to you.
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Joined: 2018-06-12
Hello there! How are you all? Hope you guys are doing great. Yeah I have heard that too. Losing weight can help you get pregnant. You should do everything that you think will help you along. Losing weight can be one of them. You have chosen a good clinic. I had my surrogacy there. It was great. Everything about it was awesome. I have a baby girl now. There ivf process offers a guarantee. Which is the most fascinating.They will keep trying unyill you get pregnant. What elsecan you want.
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Joined: 2018-06-20
hello Rachel, hope you are doing good? sad to know about your infertility. It is the worst feeling ever. Good to know that you are under treatment of IVF. You took the best decision. Take care of your diet. Do regular exercise. Try to remain fit. You are a strong woman. Good luck
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Joined: 2018-05-14
PCOS is associated with weight gain and other hormonal changes. Because the bod is insulin resistance that causes the weight gain. I k ow its pretty hard to shed some pounds. Also an ideal weight according to your height and age does improve the health. You can see a good nutritionist to be recommended for a healthy deist according to your body. Also, it is imorytnat not to just focus on doest but on nutrition. Avoid white pasta anything white like white rice, white bread as well as the processed meats. Don't leave the breakfast and take a suitable amount of fat. Moreover, don't put a lot of stress in your body by doing excessive exercise. Also, stress is a hormonal disruptor. So I would suggest that you must keep your body weight in check as it can increase your chances of conceiving. The more healthy your ovaries are the more the chances of good quality eggs.
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Joined: 2018-01-22
Hey, I hope you are well. Good luck with your IVF treatment. I hope things go well. If the doctors at the repo center advice you to do so then only loose weight. It is important to be in contact with your own doctors. The clinic you are visiting is very careful about such things. They make sure that things go according to the plan. Therefore, I am sure everything will be alright. It is however nice that you are trying to prepare yourself for the treatment. It is indeed very important! Also take care of your diet. Make sure to eat food that is high in nutrients. Drink lots of water as well. Sending baby dust!
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Joined: 2018-12-09
IVF is definitely the perfect solution for PCOS. PCOS is a terrible problem. The best way to conceive with PCOS is opting for assisted conception. IVF and IUI both suit this. I think you should go for it! My prayers are with you. You can do this!
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Joined: 2018-12-06
Hey, Rach! You should definitely follow a proper diet, first of all. Weight-loss is really important before going for treatment. IVF suits women suffering from PCOS. IUI works, as well, hun! Good luck to you! My prayers are with you. You can do this!
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Joined: 2018-12-09
Hi. You are right. A person who has PCOS needs to take extra care of herself. Exercise is a must. Staying fit can increase the chances of IVF to work. I really hope this helps you. don't worry. IVF works best for women with PCOS. Good luck.
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You're making the right decision by going for it. PCOS is a horrible issue to address. Yeah, my advice would be to lose weight. It's really important to do that. Although, you should definitely visit them. It will put your mind at ease. They are proper professionals. They know exactly what they're doing. So you don't have to worry.

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