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Joined: 2018-04-07
I am also planning to start this route of surrogacy. As i can't have a baby off my own. I went to a number of clinics for my checkup. But the doctors can't tell the reason for my infertility. I have gone through a number of tests but no result. The doctors are also amazed that their is no sign of any disease regarding fertility yet i am infertile. So that is why i have decided to go for surrogacy now. Surrogacy is very common method to have a baby today. My husband has contacted a clinic related to surrogacy. The clinic is very popular for its surrogacy. My husband is much satisfied with the clinic. He had applied for some loan money that we will need to fly to Ukraine. Actually we live in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria surrogacy is prohibited. So we had to move to some other country where it is legal. Ukraine is very popular regarding surrogacy so we are moving towards Ukraine to start our journey. The clinic is arranging an event in London on 18 of august. Where they will also accept some applications from clients. So they can save their time and money by going to Ukraine for registrations. Good wishes for everyone.
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Joined: 2018-02-16
I also had persuaded my husband for this option of having a baby. Now i'm married for second time at the age of 43. I conceived for three times but resulted in miscarriage. I want to have a baby of my own. There are many clinics in UKraine for this process. But regarding pregnancy complications from my previous marriage i guess it is not a good idea to be pregnant again. I contacted a number of clinics and told them every aspect and complication regarding my previous pregnancies. Surrogacy is the best solution for women who are trying to have a baby. But are unable to conceive due to pregnancy issues. Like i was married once and i had also many complications regarding pregnancy. They have suggested surrogacy as a solution to my problems. Surrogate will carry our children in her womb for 9 months. The surrogate will go through proper testing to carry our child. There are many clinics regarding surrogacy services. I am in contact with a clinic named BioTexCom. The clinic is arranging an event in London. You should go there and have your questions and confusions answered there. I am also going to London to avail the discount for few applicants who register at the moment.
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Joined: 2018-04-23
Hey there, I hope you are doing good. I found this post and I think it is very helpful. Can you elaborate more? I would really appreciate it. My friend is not doing well. She has been deceived by Lotus. This clinic is also in the same areas. Though they are not reliable. Now my friend has lost all hope. After they canceled her appointment at the last moment. Because she didn't have enough liquidity of her assets. This is absurd. Please help us here. Tell me more about this clinic. Are they reliable? What are they charging? I can ask her to attend this event and get knowledge too.
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Joined: 2018-06-23
Hey Elena! This is so great! I chose biotexcom clinic for surrogacy. I live in Manchester and I heard about this event. I am sure I am gonna be there on the 18th. I really need to support this here in our country. I wish they come happy and leave happy. I would suggest everyone that if they are looking for a clinic then this is the one! I'll see you all over there! Cheers!
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Joined: 2018-06-20
Hey there. Hope you are doing well. I am glad you found a good clinic. I have heard many positive reviews about BioTexCom. I have heard they are arranging their workshop in London. It would be on the 18th and 19th of August. I wish all those avails this offer who need it. I would be helpful to those who want to do their fertility treatment. They are having limited seats so register soon by emailing them. A friend of mine gave me this information. I was so inspired by it. It is a great chance for many of us. I wish good luck to all. Be hopeful and stay happy. Hope is everything.
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Joined: 2018-03-17
Here in Japan surrogacy is totally prohibited.So we moved to Europe and roamed in Europe for sometime and contacted many clinics there, Than we heard about a clinic and we moved to Ukraine. It is a very good clinic and we consulted them. The clinic is arranging an event in London where they will give special discount to first few applicants. They are the best they have best solution for us now. I'm sasha from Japan. We are settled in Japan from last few decades. I had hysterectomy cancer. All of you should know its treatment and its result.As a result i was cancer free but for the lifetime i'm infertile now.So i was worried and tensed and than my husband came to know about surrogacy.Surrogacy is a method of raising a baby from someone's else egg. I was amazed at this method but when i studied about it i was happy.Then we found a surrogate mom and we donated the eggs and now surrogate is carrying our twin daughters. Now when i sit alone i thank god that he is giving us two gifts in one time. We are so happy and excited to have our babies. Please share your stories with me.
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Joined: 2018-12-30
Hey Elena! I hope you are doing well. I m glad that you are going for Surrogacy. Surrogacy is helping a lot of people. I am also going for it because it's the only option on the table for me. I am opting for the same clinic as you. That clinic's success rate is quite high. I have heard a lot of good things about them from people. I m going to visit them in a week. I m quite positive that this will work out for me. The manager cleared all my doubts about the treatment. I hope it works out for you as well. Good luck! Stay blessed!
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Joined: 2018-01-20
It's amazing to see how so many people are now opting for surrogacy. I know couples who have been able to fight through infertility because of the method. I believe it is very important to research before visiting the clinic. The more the clinic is professional and expereinced the more are the chances of success. This is mainly because an experienced clinic would help you out with everything. Including the legal structure that is involved. The doctors if are experienced they will carry the process our accurately as well. The reason why I always tell people to not take any step in a hurry. It's always nice to go slow and steady. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way. I hope things go in your favor. It is sad that in your country the treatment is banned. However, I am glad you didn't give up and looked out for alternatives.
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Joined: 2018-01-20
I am visiting them for my process as well. In fact, I have been going to them since a year now. Surrogacy is a pretty long process. The first thing the manager told us was to be patient while on the journey. Although it is hard but we try to remain patient. Things actually are going smoothly. They are super caring towards us. The clinic gives us updates every then and now. They tell us about the surrogate as well. We feel so connected to her via them. They even send us ultrasound pictures which make me so emotional. I am glad I decided to visit them. It was a tough decision but totally worth it. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

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