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London here we come
I am a lucky mom who enjoyed the blessings of surrogacy. If I am cherishing the motherhood today it is because of the great clinic in Ukraine that offered the best services to me in Ukraine. At that time I faced so many challenges. I had very little knowledge about the clinics. I knew nothing about the procedure. It was such a difficult thing to decide for surrogacy. If you are an Ip. If you want to find a perfect clinic offering the best services then the right time is here. The BioTex is coming to London on 18th and 19th August for a two-day open house session. In these two days, they are going to offer the initial services to the IPs visiting them. It is an excellent opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of the clinic. They would be giving all kind of information that you need as an IP. If the visitor is ready to stay with them in the future then they can sign the contract at the venue. It is difficult to think of such a quick response from any clinic. It is very important to book your seats for the open house through the email. Try grabbing one of the reserved seats to get the maximum benefits.
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Hello Susan. This is so exciting. I have also tried a clinic in Ukraine when i was declared infertile by my doctor. My husband urged me to go for surrogacy. I was apprehensive at first but the clinic was so much more than my expectations. The staff was so cooperative and efficient. I was impressed with their professional conduct and they even had multilingual staff. i would recommend them to everyone.

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