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Joined: 2018-12-09
A little update!
Hey, everyone! I thought I would update you all on my procedure. The doctors examined me thoroughly, yesterday. They checked my hormone levels to see if everything is normal. They were satisfied with the situation. They also gave my uterus the go-ahead for pregnancy. I'm quite excited, now! I have been given some ovulation drugs, as well. They've told me, they will be monitoring my procedure. I'm supposed to undergo another test. It's regarding the surge in my luteinizing hormones (LH). I have no idea how that works out. But, I really trust the doctors. They've been quite nice! Hopefully, things go positively! Keep me in your prayers!
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Joined: 2018-12-09
Hi Mindy! How are you holding up? I hope you're doing okay. I was really flustered during my time. The tests and everything makes me really uncomfortable. I hope you've been okay. I know this is a bit of a tough time. It'll pass, though, and things will start happening really quickly! I know you must be super excited. Also, a bit nervous, I'm sure! Just remember all of this is natural. It's okay to feel this way. Good luck to you! I really hope you hit it off on the first attempt. Don't be too disappointed in case it doesn't happen on the first cycle, okay? Sending baby dust and prayers for you.
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I am glad things are finally working out for you. Once you visit good doctor things do start to look good. Its all about researching well. My own process is going well. Previously there were so many ups and downs. However, I am glad that good days are ahead of us. We had to research a lot about the clinic before visiting them. I was nervous at first mainly because I wasn't sure if I was making the right decision. The clinic I am visiting is located abroad and therefore, I was unsure. They invited us for free for the first visit. This visit really helped me make my decision. I was really impressed on the sigh of seeing a lot of other foreigners. Therefore, decided to visit them. Now everything is going well. The clinic makes sure that there is no error.
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Hey Mindy! I hope you are doing well. I am so happy for you. You will be to experience a natural pregnancy. That's not something everyone can. You are so lucky. Now just make sure you take good care of yourself. Keep track of everything so you know when's the time right for you. Keep a healthy diet and do exercise regularly so your body stays fit for that. Rest as much as you can and avoid lifting heavy things. Everything will be fine. Good luck! Stay blessed! Bye!
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Mindy, that's awesome! Thank you for taking out the time and updating! I was waiting for this. You're so lucky to be enjoying your Christmas in Europe! It must be amazing. Here's to hoping the festivities bring you great news as well. You must be so excited. I can understand how it's going. I remember, my first time. I was more nervous, to be honest. Oh, I had almost forgotten about the LH tests. Soon after that's done, you will ovulate in a day or two. The doctor will then inject sperm into your uterus at the right time. Good luck to you! I hope it happens really soon!
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This is amazing news! Your procedure is well and truly underway. Yeah, you know this sounds great! To be given the go-ahead in the first examination is quite something. You're really lucky. I'm absolutely certain that it'll happen for you, right away. You've got age on your side, and it should happen quickly! Sending you my best regards. Keep your hopes high, and don't get dejected just in case you have to give another attempt. These procedures are a bit unreliable. They can take a bit of time. It requires you to be patient. You can do this!

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