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Hi there, How are you, everyone. I hope you are alright. I must have to tell you that Biotexcom team is coming to the UK. I can't wait for any longer to hold this decision. It's going to be great. We must try to take good care of ourselves. They have limited seatings. We must always take care of this thing. I wish it'll be alright for you all. Please, take care. Come there.
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Well, How great it is? I must say. This is the best news I have heard today. It's really very great. I am happy to hear this. I'll try to have my seat booked. I really wanted to go there. I think it's for my own good. It's going to be great for me. Please, pray for me. I wish this time. I'll be happy. Thanks for sharing it with me. So, August right. I'll try to be there.
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Thanks for letting us know. I would love to know more details regarding this event. And what do you know about the clinic? Are they trustworthy? Do you have any experience? Actually, I am very worried this time. I have been deceived by a clinic named Lotus. I tried to contact them several emails. I did every possible thing that I could. I got a reply from there after a few days. It seemed like a computer-generated email. There were so many charts regarding the prices and laws etc. I was so confused to see everything. When I asked them to explain to me everything gradually, they stopped replying to me. I was very disappointed with their behavior. So I want to be very careful this time in choosing a good clinic.
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That is really good. I believe everyone should register for this event. Especially those who are infertile and need help. This session is going to be very helpful to them. My sister is also going to register for this. She contacted another clinic before this. But she was very upset because Lotus clinic did not pay attention towards her matter. She felt so miserable about their attitude. She did not expect such a thing from such a reputable clinic. We chose that clinic after much research. We did not know our decision would turn out to be so wrong. Anyways, we recently heard about this session. And my sister is going to attend this event to get her queries answered.
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Wow, so happy to hear to know about the event. But I came to know that the venue and date have changed. There's no update about that so far. I heard that there are a lot of people who still want to register for it. And the seats were very limited. So they are changing the venue and dates. Let's hope it happens soon. My cousin had her IVF process from there. Before that, she contacted Lotus clinic. But she was very disappointed with their dealing. So she left them. She later found out about this clinic. And had her treatment from there. She told me about this session. I am hopeful that it will happen soon. I am very excited for this session.
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Hey, hope you are fine. I am so sorry to hear about this. Please dont loose heart. Its a part of life. There are so many people who are facing even more worse condition. I am TTC for last 10 years. My husband gave up and suggested to adopt. I didnt agree and convinced him for surrogacy. We have registered ourselves for an event clinic named Biotexcom is coming . They will discuss their treatment plans along with giving a chance to sign contract with the clinic. Their head of Department Anastasia is also coming. So there wont be any language barrier. I have searched about this clinic and found very positive reviews and very attractive success rate. I cant wait to attend this event.
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Thanks for sharing this great news with us. I have also heard about this event. I think I must go to the session. Because I am very depressed. I have been married for some years. Take it for almost 5 years. Since then I am trying to conceive. But there is no luck. My friend suggested me to go for surrogacy. So I contacted a clinic named Lotus in Ukraine. I sent them many emails. I made them several calls. But I got only 2 replies from them. And that was not enough for me. I wanted to have complete information regarding surrogacy. But they didn't bother to tell me. I literally hate this clinic. They don't have manners. I think I should go to the session. I hope it proves to be useful to me. Anyways thanks for giving us such information.
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Thank you for sharing this great news with us. I am so excited about it. This is a great platform. Bio TexCom is providing a platform to discuss our issues. They will have a question-answer session. We can ask them what we want. They will entertain us. We will have a chance to meet their Head of the English department. She will tell us about the services offered by the clinic. we will have our initial consultation. If we want we can book our appointment as well. The procedure is very simple to register. We just have to email them on their official email. It is free of cost. There are limited seats. we have to register soon. I hope to see you all there.
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I truly believe that the clinic made my life less miserable. Before visiting them I was disturbed mentally. However, the manager and the staff were so positive. Even when I visited the doctors they made me feel so happy. Its all about positivity in this place. I hope all those who are planning to sign up for them are able to feel this feeling. They are so nice and considerate. Always making sure that nothing goes wrong.
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Hey. Thank you for telling us about the event here. They are doing such a good job. All this, just to help people out. Infertility is so bad for a person's mental health. It literally eats them inside. Causes depression in so many people. There are good treatments for this. But there are major problems too. Like the costs and the availability. The costs of these treatments all over the world are so high. Not everyone can afford or even consider these for themselves. But the good thing about this clinic is they focussed on this issue. They made sure to keep the process of their treatments as low as possible. When I first came across the rates I couldn't believe it. It seemed too good to be true.
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Thank you for this post. It's so hard to find a good clinic. The struggle is real! Most women suffer at the hands of some terrible clinics. It's really important to help each other. We have to fight this problem together. This is why I like this forum. Everyone is always ready to help each other. I, myself, was very lucky. I did my research before choosing a clinic. When we finally did, it turned out to be a good decision. The consultancy sessions convinced me that this was it. A bit more luck was involved, as I conceived in the first attempt! It was a nice experience. I might go for it again!

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