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keep faith and stay blessed
Hello! i feel so excited writing this post!! we just found out the sex of our baby today. We opted for surrogacy when we found out that i was completely infertile, and today, our surrogate mother finally had the ultrasound for the gender reveal!! its a baby girl!! i feel so happy and so excited. i cant wait tillthese months are over and i can hold my baby in my arms. already, my husband and i feel like there is nothnig we could love more than our little daughter. we have been over the moon since we found out! we have been calling our family since morning, telling everyone the good news!! if theres any people out there feeling dejected or hopeless about thier infertility, i hope that my story will give you a little ray of hope. there are many treatments out there, and so many different ways to start a family. a year ago, i couldnt have imagined that this would be happening. that i would be celebrating like this. but we took a leap of faith and went for something nconventional. but it is working so well for us. the clinic has been really really wonderful so far, and the surrogate mother is also so great. shes professional, but so lovely. i feel so lucky. i feel like my dream is coming true. im going to attach a link at the end for anyone who might be interested, but mostly i just want to say, dont lose faith. there are so many options available, and you never really know how your luck may take a turn. so keep faith and stay blessed! ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wkbgaaXc2XaxTYJhtR0rA)
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Hi again Aubree, I presume you're the same who posted about the lovely motherhood feels. You strike me as a very adorable human being. I like the positivity you radiate. I pray that you find utmost happiness of life and love with your little one. The baby girl grows up to be like her overly joyous mom (Hehe!) What are your plans for her by the way? Since you are lucky to know the gender prior to delivery. (You could have wait for the surprise, though) What preparations have you made for her arrival? Clothing preferences? Room setting? Celebration plans? I'd love you to speak more. Haha... Love xx
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Hi Aubree! I'm so happy to hear that! CONGRATS! You're really so lucky! I know the idea of baby excites too much. I also just Goosebumps and feels that moment I read your post. Anyway! I'd love to see an update! Bless ya xx
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Hello ladies.My husband and I initially had trouble conceiving. it is a really complicated process. It requires responsibility from both sides. last year I was diagnosed infertility. It was a tragedy for our family. I was 34 but I wasn`t able to carry a baby. I had 3 miscarriages. A doctor said the only solution to my problem is surrogacy. In France, it`s forbidden. We had to look for another country. My husband supposed Ukraine and Spain. I devoted a lot of time to study the legislation of these countries. I read a lot about all aspects of surrogacy process there. They were quite similar. Finally, I decided on Ukraine. They offered the lowest price. I was in Biotexcom center in the capital. Their doctors are real professionals. I can say that they know their job. Surrogate mother carried our child without complications. In a week after she gave birth to our son, the clinic helped us to prepare all documents. Our family is so happy due to them.Good luck for those who are in the same boat.
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Hi Aubree! Thank you for sharing your success story with everyone You're giving hope to people, and a new reason to try again. The only thing that matters here is how we fight it? We just have to stay strong and keep trying. One day it's going to be successful. just don't look here and there, and go visit this clinic in Ukraine, because no one is better than them in this job, Much Love! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wkbgaaXc2XaxTYJhtR0rA/featured
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its just amazing to see results like this. I am very happy for you finally you did that.Many of couples stops trying but you didn't and finally got results in form surrogacy. I am infertile too and looking forward to [have surrogacy process. This process is the best to make a baby for those who are facing infertility issues.
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Wow this is really great. I must say you are very lucky dear. Try to help others now. May you be happy always. It's all a part of life. We can't say anything about it. Just make sure your surrogate never face any problem. Try to take care of her. Best of luck.
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Hi there.I hope you are fine.There is no complications after IUI.Dont worry. Dont take tension.Tae proper diet.Take care of yourself.I hope you will take care.Gooduck
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Hey there. How are you doing? I guess you must be feeling out of the world. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice success story. I have been gathering information about this clinic too. Have got a lot f good reviews. Yours add another number in favor of this clinic. As my DH and I are TTC for more than 3 months and I am all devastated these days. I am afraid of being infertile because of the endometriosis. I shared my worries and fear with my DH. He was very supportive and nice. We visited a doctor. He said to keep trying. If after some more time we don't conceive, he will be doing the laparoscopy. It will help us to know the cause. From your post I am a bit more confident, just in case I would know some problem is there. But I wish and hope I would not be needing it. Wish me luck. Best wishes for your baby. Stay blessed.
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Wao Aubree, what an amazing story. I am really very happy for you. You are such an inspiration for all of us fighting with infertility. i am actually facing double infertility. Me and my husband, both are infertile. We have been planning surrogacy for many months. But i had some questions and doubts about this procedure. Now your post have removed all of my doubts. I am feeling really very confident to go for surrogacy now. This procedure is really a blessing for couples like us who are totally infertile. Who don't want adoption. Who want to have their own babies. The link you shared about BioTexCom is really very helpful. I got a lot of information about surrogacy. Thank You so much for sharing this with all of us.
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I hope you are in good health. Thanks for sharing such a successful story. Glad to know that there are people who are trying to give hope and strength to others. I am happy to know your success story. I am quite worried these days because of some infertility fears. Your post has given me some energy. It has proved to be a candle in the dark for me. You will be blessed to share your story. Much love. Stay blessed.
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Hey there Aubree! It feels really nice to hear about your success story. Congratulations! May your baby brings ample happiness to your family. I think I know the clinic you're referring to. They really are amazing at their job. Good to see their rising awareness. I wish you Luck!
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Hey, congratulation on your success. Indeed surrogacy is the best process to have babies. I am facing Uterine polyps for 4 years. I always wanted to have a big family. SO I decided to go for surrogacy. My DH also wanted a baby badly. He gave me an idea for surrogacy. I agreed with his decision. We were happy that we were going to be parents. Surprisingly we came to know that we are going to have twins. I am so thankful for the surrogate because this was not easy for her. The clinic which we chose was the best clinic than other. It was best because it was reliable and it provided us healthy surrogate. I would recommend this procedure to the couple who really wanted to be parents.
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I am so delighted to hear about this amazing news. Your husband and you are a very lucky couple. Surrogacy has proven to change the life of couples in a manner no other treatment can not. My heart swells up whenever read about success stories. It reminds of the time I held my daughter. It was a feeling unexplained. I thank a clinic in Europe with each breath to give me the greatest gift of motherhood.
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This is so great! I'm so very happy for you. TTC can get really tough for many. I'm sorry it had to be this way for you. However, it's great that you're finally getting your happy ending.I got my own through surrogacy. It's been a beautiful experience for me. I wish everyone's able to get this blessing. Children are great. My little one's a girl. I've always wanted a girl. She's adorable and so playful. I can't get enough. I went to Ukraine for my surrogacy procedure. I wish everyone else the best too!
Hannah R xx

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