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Hi all My husband and I are in our early 40s - married in 2013 and still no children despite 6 rounds of IVF. What a soul-crushing experience that was. I did my last one 2 days ago. No more. My IVF doctor told my husband to find a donor at the pub (a place we never go). He told me to ask my workmates, shop assistants, and a hairdresser. "Hi, I can I have a few of your eggs?" Seriously? I can NOT ask people like that. Does anyone? We are now looking for an egg donor and have decided to look at donors in Europe. Has anyone had any success with this? Any tips?
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Oh my god. How are you? I hope you're alright. This is so sad to see. I'm really disappointed that you had to go through with this. You don't deserve this. I can understand your situation. There are a lot of good clinics that provide services of egg donors. However, I'd suggest you something different. Have you considered surrogacy? It could be a better solution, in my opinion. Are you guys open to it? It's a safer procedure. You wouldn't have to worry about the age factor, either. Good luck to you!

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