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Is it possible naturally
Hi guys, How are you all. I am not fine. I am really not fine. I don't know what should I do. Since the day I found out that I am not able to conceive child I am mentally sick. I took the impact of that so hard I guess. What should I do. It was my life time wish to become pregnant. Now I know that it is not going to happen for me. I am really worried about my health as well. I don't know what should I do. I know that I can't ever become mother. Please help me by telling me some other ways. I don't want to be mad. Please help me guys. I am really looking forward towards help. Thanks in advance.
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Joined: 2018-01-31
Hey there. I am fine. Sorry to hear that you are not fine. Being a mother is every woman's dream ever since childhood. Knowing that you can't be mum is heart-wracking. My heart feels for you and goes out to you. I can understand what you are going through. You are going through a lot these days but honey you don't need to lose hope. It seems like you are giving up. I want to tell you that giving up is never a solution. It will leave you sad and alone. While on the other hand staying strong and fighting will the best way to lead. It will make you happy, contented and successful. There are many other ways like IUI, IVF, and surrogacy etc.They all have their own positive aspects. Choosing a method totally depends on your problem. If you need further help, do ask me. Best wishes. Much love.
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That's some thing very serious in women's life. Having no baby in life is indeed very difficult to face. You are not the only one who are facing this fertility problem. There many other women's who are trying to conceive. I know it's difficult situation for you to think for other process. But that's the right time to think about this. Because after trying for many years i didn't find solution. Other then surrogacy, this is the last option for people like us. If we want to have a baby in our life. Then we have to choose this process. I have done research and find many help on different forums. I recently visited a clinic for my initial process. Many clinics are providing this facility. You have to find the perfect one for yourself. I have done with this step, I am happy because they are very helping. And most importantly they are providing all legal documents. Which is very important for me. I wish you best of luck. It's just a start you can find many ways.
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Hey there. I am sad to know about you. It is nerve-wracking to know that you can't be mum. As it is a dream of every woman ever since childhood. Your world moves upside down when you get to know this. But honey just hangs in there. There are methods to help you in such a difficult situation. You will be glad to know that there are clinics which help you in this phase of your life. I have been gathering info about this clinic. It has a high success rate. The staff is very friendly there. I have also visited it because of my fears of infertility. I a having endometriosis which is giving me this fear nowadays. I am going to attach a link here. It may help you in getting information. It will definitely lead you to the right path. Wish you luck. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wkbgaaXc2XaxTYJhtR0rA
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Rachel, I'm so sorry to hear about this. It's a very difficult moment of life when you come to know about being infertile. I felt the same when I came to know about myself. I was so depressed and stressed. I did not know what to do. It felt like my world has ended. My DH and other people around me gave me hope then. They told me that I have other ways that I can opt to be a mother. I finally decided to stop crying over something that can never happen. I started making some research on processes like surrogacy, IVF, etc. Surrogacy is the option that I chose. I would advise doing the same. Currently, I am going through this process from a clinic in Ukraine. They offer great services and take a lot of care of the whole process. I hope that you get over this soon and think about your next step. Good luck with everything, dear!
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Hey Rachel, you are looking so much depressed. Just relaxed. You will get sick by thinking so much about this. This is not the end of life dear. You are not the only person in this world who is infertile. Thousands of women are there who are facing the same issue. I don't know about your husband. But I and my husband, we both are infertile. So, I am facing double infertility. It's very rear case. I was also so much depressed when I joined a forum of such people facing the same problem. One of the ladies suggested my surrogacy. Since then I had been searching for different clinics offering surrogacy. After three years of research, i have found the best clinic in Ukraine. Next month I am going there for my surrogacy. I am 100% sure that it would be successful. So, my advice is never lost hope. There is always light on the other side of the tunnel. Consult a good clinic and try to find out which method is best for you. Best of luck.
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Hi Rachel. Hi, hope everything gets better for you. I really wish they do. I am really sorry to hear about it. It breaks my heart when a person has to go through this. This is a natural thing. You should never blame yourself. Everything will get better one day. Don't lose hope. Science has advanced a lot. There are many other ways. I hope those work for you. Why don't you go for IVF or surrogacy? It's a child you want. I cant give birth too. I went for surrogacy. I am a proud mother now. I hope you find this helpful. I wish you good luck.
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Hey, Rachel. Hope you are feeling better now. This must be very hard for you to deal with. I completely agree with you. I understand how you feel as I have been in the same boat as you. All the years of trying and only ending up with bad news frustrated me. I went into severe depression because of this. Nothing was happening for me too. But I had to accept the reality. When I did, I was finally able to do something about it. I'm a mother of a son now. I had him through surrogacy. I went to Ukraine for it. The doctors at the clinic there were so professional and efficient, I immediately made up my mind about it. Maybe you can try this for yourself too. I'm sure it will work for you as well. You should think about this. Best of luck.
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Hey there! As they told me in therapy, seeking help is the first step towards getting better. Yes I was in therapy. Why? Because my infertility first made me obsessed than sick to my stomach. I cut everyone out my life. No ha-has were allowed near me. I was making myself and everyone around me pathetic. Literally pathetic. Than I was forced to see a psychiatrist. After months of therapy, I began to gain perspaective. My therapist told me I need to find out the way out of it. But she can assure me there is a way. And so I went out and got searching. That is when I was introduced to ivf and surrogacy. According to my situation, I and my doc decided to go for ivf in Ukraine. I have a baby girl now. You get my point, right?
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Hi Rachel. I know you're right! It hits that way naturally. So, yeah! Don't get depressed or devastated! Don't take it hard on yourself. So, yeah! There are plenty of ways out there. You can still seek a way to have a child. I'm 37 years old. I'm still trying to have a child this year via an IVF in Kiev, Ukraine. Well, I've also realized and accepted my fate that I can't have it naturally. So, yeah! There is no harm in accepting stuff related to your life. Anyway! Wish you all the best! Take your decision wisely! You still have time. You can become a mother. It's always so important to complete the family.
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Hey! Power to you women. I know that's tough. Sad to hear that. Could I ask you about What made you infertile? I mean was there any reason behind? Or that was unexplained infertility? Had you been through fertility test? If that so. Your doctor might have suggested you the alternatives. If this is not the case. I would suggest you switch your doctor. You must concern a doctor that would suggest you better alternatives. See, As there are many alternatives available these days that could help you out, You might select one of them. At first, consult some good fertility doctor and start your procedure as soon as possible.
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Rachel, I'm so sorry to learn about the circumstances you are going through. Being infertile is very painful. I can understand your torment as I also have to face infertility. I was so discouraged and disappointed. I was unable to decide what to do. It felt like it's the end of life. At that point, my DH supported me a lot. My sister-in-law told me about artificial treatments for infertility. Indeed, surrogacy was the best choice for me. So, I opted to go for surrogacy treatment. Surrogacy is such a great blessing of science. I'm currently in Europe for the surrogacy treatment. Their management and staff are very corporative and appreciatable. I'm sure that your wish will also be fulfilled one day. Baby dust at your doorsteps!
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Rachel, I am sorry to know about your problems. Don't take tension. Try to stay calm. You have many other options. Try Surrogacy or any other option. In Ukraine, you can find best clinics. Try to consult a good clinic there. Trust God everything will be fine. take care.
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Hey there. I'm 24 years old. I'll share my experience with you. When i'm suffering from infertility, doctors told me that is because of disorder of tissuess. Then me and my husband decided to get a treatment from the clinic. My friends told me that there is a old and good reputed clinic in Ukraine. Then, we go to the Ukraine to visit the clinic. Then, we visit this clinic has awesome building and they have well qualified doctors. They are specilized in Surrogacy and infertility treatment. Their staff are co-operative with me. The doctors can check me very well and listen me with full consideration. Now i'm under treatment in this clinic. The atmosphere of clinic is safe and sound. Doctors wash their hands after check up of patients. Nurses are so caring and they can treat me like family members.
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Don't take it on your heart and don;t let your feelings control you just relax and never loose hope remember this a journey full of hardship always give positve result . i have my friend she has miscarriage and after that doctor told him that she can't get pregnant and there are no chance of any kind of fertility she was depressed and hopless and was a traveler of darkness like you but i always say him that there is no absolute infertility and there is always a beam of light to remove the darkness and finally we find this surrogacy she has already done a search on it and she sees it a solution of her problem there is clinic in ukraine which offer a surrogacy facility they are going to arrange a event in london on 18-19 august and i am going to attend them their sit has complete information about this event i strongly recommended you try it one time may be this proves a full stop to your endless journey
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Rihana, I know its difficult, tough and very frustrating journey of infertility. The journey is worthwhile when its associated with a good fertility faculty where doctors and the staff are very cooperative. I have struggled with 9 years of infertility until I found Biotexcom. It's coming to London for two days for an open day event. It will beneficial for those who are looking for pieces of advice, chances of conception or other fertility treatments. Therefore, Rihanna, I will recommend you to visit the event. I am sure you won't be disappointed. On 18/19 August 2018. Its a two-day event for the initial consultation meeting. You can email them for further details and register yourself as well by sending an email at surrogacy@Biotexcom.com.
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Hey, Rihana I hope you are well. Dont be so hard on yourself. I know these questions really bother one. However, I would suggest you try to meditate and stay calm. If you have been trying for a year and no progress has been made. I would suggest that you visit a good doctor. They will carry out someone tests. These tests will then help them in determining the problem. The field of infertility has significantly improved. Therefore, there is no need to worry! There are soo many treatments that you can opt for. It is all about researching well. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

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