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Joined: 2018-03-17
Hello i'm new here.I'm from Japan.We moved to Europe to find our heaven. Surrogacy is ban in Japan.And i'm infertile due to some cancer reasons. So we moved to Europe to find surrogacy related clinics. We consulted many clinics in Europe. Than we came to know about clinics in Ukraine and we moved to Ukraine. In ukraine we found a very good clinic. Now we are having twins with the help of this clinic.The clinic gave us a very good surrogate mom.With the help of that mom we are having our two twin daughters. We are so excited and happy. Feedback and suggestions much admired.
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Joined: 2018-05-18
Well, I'm so happy to hear about your experience. Go for it! It's really worth it. I'm also planned to undergo my procedure of it. I'm totally unable to conceive naturally. I've had losses in past. So, yeah! Wish you all the best! Ukraine is a good choice. They really have a huge market with good reviews. So, yeah! Stay blessed! TC! xx
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Joined: 2018-03-03
Hey, Ayu I hope you are doing well. I am sure this must be so exciting for you! Finally having your own babies that too twin girls. Technology has immensely increased and it is amazing to see how impossible has been made possible through surrogacy. I myself opted for surrogacy in the end as nothing else worked for me. It was a great experience. I visited the same clinic as yours. I remember when I entered the clinic I was scared and nervous. However, the clinic in Ukraine is welcoming and made me feel at ease. The best moment was those when intended parents came for the final labor call. It was always so exciting and filled with mixed feelings. However, when they had the child the happiness on their faces was precious. Similar was my case I couldn't stop crying. I hope everyone has such a wonderful experience. The clinic also provides you with a nanny so that you don't have a problem and I think that is very considerate of them.
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Joined: 2018-05-10
Hi, There, hope you are doing fine. Thanks for sharing your story. You must be excited after having twins. I am really happy for you. Surrogacy is a blessing for infertile couples. I can glad your family is completed now. I am also an infertile. I can't conceive naturally because of my heart problem. I was in depression. My husband and i decided to look for other options. We chose surrogacy over IVF. We decided to contact Adonis clinic as we wanted to know about the procedure. We emailed them several times but they didn't reply any of our emails. We are really disappointed with the Adonis communication service. Their service is really pathetic. One of my friend suggested us to contact Bio TexCom. Now we are thinking about Bio TexCom. Wish us luck.
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Joined: 2018-05-31
What a wonderful news it is. I am so happy for you guys. Congratulation on your twins. It is good to see surrogacy is helping a lot of infertile couples out there. I am truly overwhelmed to see such success stories. There is always a reward for the hard work and struggle one makes. We just need to wait for the right time. Best wishes!
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Joined: 2018-04-07
Congratulations on your successful journey. I also tried IVF several times but it didn't turned into a success for me. Also tried IUI but failed at IUI too. So i decided to go for surrogacy to have a baby. I live in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria surrogacy is not allowed. So me any my husband will soon move to some other country for surrogacy. We have heard Ukraine is very popular in this aspect. There are a number of clinics in Ukraine regarding surrogacy. My husband will soon take a break from his work and we will move to Ukraine. Its been more than 10 years that i am trying to conceive. There is no such issue that i am infertile. I went through proper tests at different clinics. But the doctors can't even find the reason behind my infertility, That is why now we have decided to go for surrogacy. Wish your friend very good luck again.
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Joined: 2018-05-20
Hi Ayu! Hope you are in good health. I am so happy for you. Twins can be a handful but I am sure that you are more than capable of handling them. I am glad that you did not give up hope in face of infertility and took to surrogacy as you way out. I am also infertile and just like you I also went to Ukraine for my surrogacy treatment. I am glad that I took that decision since now I am mother of a baby girl. I wish you the best of luck on your twin journey.
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Joined: 2018-03-16
That's a great news. So great to hear about your twin daughters. Surrogacy is no doubt a bliss. And many of the individuals are getting blessed with this procedure. The more it was being opposed in the initial time. The more it is making waves. I am so excited to be the part of this procedure. I would surely look into each and every single advice and knowledge that I got from this forum. Since the time I am here, I have gained so much knowledge over such things. And I am so encouraged to do so.
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Joined: 2018-01-23
I don't know what to say about a ban. I really don't understand this. I think this is not good. I think this should not be banned anywhere. We should avoid this thing. I think if we all rais our voice against that then maybe it'll be legal. The good thing is that at the end you got your way out. Now you are a mother. Congratulations. Always be happy this way. It is great for you. Now you have almost everything. Always try to be happy. Be strong and always think positive. This is the only way to live happily.
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Joined: 2018-02-20
Hi there! Welcome to this forum. I'm so happy to read your story, dear. I'm glad that you opted for surrogacy. It merely is the best solution to infertility. Ukraine is well known for its fertility treatments, I'm sure they wouldn't have let you down. You must be so excited for your daughters! I wish you have a healthy and a very happy life ahead. Much love!
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Joined: 2018-03-09
Good luck dear one. Leaving your country is hard. You are doing all this for the lifetime happiness. Who wants to leave the homeland. This is your test time. We all have our prayers with you. I hope that soon good news will come from your side.
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Joined: 2018-07-21
Hello Ayu! How are you? I am happy to know about your journey. You had to put in some effort. But you finally made it. That is all that matters. We had to struggle to. We did not move altogether to some other country just for a procedure of a year. But we did go to Ukraine for our surrogacy. It was all worth it. Although we had our doubts. But it resiultes in sometthing as beautiful as our daughter. I could ask for nothing else. I have never been happier. I wish it was easier. But I won't change a bit of the journey. Not even the failiures. They all led me here. I am very to be here now.
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Joined: 2018-07-22
Hey there. You had an amazing journey. Good to know that surrogacy helped you. It also helped us. Our journey had many ups and downs. We had some bad experiences and also some good one. The worst stage was when we had to choose a clinic. We came to know about Adonis clinic on the internet. We contacted them for a long time. We emailed them. We just wanted to know about their services. But they never replied. Ahh, those were some bad days. But then we switched to another clinic. ANd finally, now we have our own baby girl. Your post took me to the old days. Thank you for this.
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Joined: 2018-06-12
Hello there. You had a stunning voyage. Great to realize that surrogacy helped you. It likewise helped us. Our voyage had numerous high points and low points. We had some terrible encounters and furthermore some great ones. The most exceedingly terrible stage was the point at which we needed to pick a clinic. We came to think about Adonis center on the web. We reached them for quite a while. We messaged them. We simply needed to know about their administrations ans packages. Be that as it may, they never answered. Ahh, those were some terrible days. In any case, at that point we changed to another facility. Lastly, now we have our own child. Your post took me to the past times. Much obliged to you for this.
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Joined: 2018-06-19
Congratulations to you guys. You must be so happy. Your dreams have finally come true. Your family is complete now. It must feel so good. I have been a victim of infertility too. I could not conceive on my own. The doctors declared me infertile. My heart shattered when I heard this. It was too difficult to bear. That's when he found a very good clinic in Europe. We visited them. They examined my eggs. They said I could not use them. So our surrogate donated her own eggs. Thankfully, I will be a mother soon.
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Joined: 2018-06-23
Hey there. I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. It's a tough time indeed. And is very hard to go through. It completely drains your mental energy. I can feel you. Since I have been there as well. Living in a country where surrogacy isn't facilitated. I had to go to Europe. And the clinic I consulted was amazing. They were very considerate. And handled everything so perfectly. We are very happy with our little one. It's true that we have a struggle ahead. But what lies beyond it. Is always worth it.
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Joined: 2018-04-23
I am so happy for you. It flutters my heart. I love reading success stories. Unfortunately, I won't be able to write mine. The reason is I have emailed Lotus clinic. I have been waiting for quite some time now. They rejected my application after 5 weeks. the reason was that my liquid assets are not enough. The fee they have mentioned is covered by insurance. I don't even know what they mean by it. Maybe it has something to do with my family name. I don't care honestly now. I am done with this stupid clinic. I am giving up on having a baby. Thanks to Lotus clinic. You have ruined my life very successfully.
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Joined: 2018-07-24
Wow dear, I am really happy for you. Congratulations on becoming the mother of twins. It's the best feeling in the world of being a mother. I am really very happy for you. Choosing the good clinic is the most important thing. My friend was also infertile. She contacted Lotus clinic. They behaved very rudely with her. Their packages were very expensive. My friend was disappointed with them. She thought it will be very expensive to get the treatment from such clinics. Your post will help her to change her thoughts. I am glad such good clinics exist which are working for the sake of humanity. Wish you a very good luck in Future
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Joined: 2018-03-26
Really happy for you dear. I am really happy for you for Twins babies. Congratulations. Being a mother is the best thing in the world. I am really very happy for you dear. I am also an infertile woman. Once I contact the lotus clinic. My experience with them is very bad I don't even want to discuss them, They wasted my Time and money too. Their behavior toward me was not good. Their packages are very expensive but their services are cheap. Your post will help me alot and I am glad to know that such clinic really exists. please let me know about that clinic address or how can I contact them. Thank you so much dear for sharing such life-saving information to me.
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Joined: 2018-01-22
Really sorry to hear about your cancer. I hope you recover soon. I can understand how difficult it must have been for you. However, don't worry I am sure things will get better. It is good that you didn't lose hope. Looking at other options is always a good idea. Surrogacy has indeed proven to be a great process for those who don't have any other option. It is like the last hope. I myself am in the middle of the process. I am excited yet nervous about the end days. I myself am visiting the same clinic for my process. So far they are really doing a great job. The doctors are experienced and know how to carry things out. There has not even been one point where I was dissatisfied or anxious regarding the clinic. I hope things go smoothly for both of us.
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Joined: 2018-12-01
Hello, Ayu. I hope you're doing alright. Congratulations on a successful procedure. It's really nice to see that things worked out for you. These success stories make me really happy. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It's really motivating and inspiring.
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Joined: 2018-03-12
Hi Ayu! Welcome to the forum girl. I hope you are doing well. First of all, congratulations on your beautiful babies. You are so lucky you had twins haha. Now your little family is complete. I also have two babies by the help of that clinic, but I went there for IVF. Surrogacy was an option for me as well, but I wanted to experience the beauty of giving birth to my own children. Now my family is complete so I am very happy. It's always such a relief to finally find a solution that works out. Good luck to everyone who's still trying. Stay blessed. Take care Ayu. Bye!
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Joined: 2018-12-04
Hi Ayu! I hope you are doing fine. Surrogacy is banned in a lot of countries. I don't understand the reason behind it. Many people think it's immoral, but it's a treatment like any other treatment. If both parties agree to all things then the process begins. Both parties, the parents and surrogate are treated with fair policies. The place you are thinking about is like the hub of these treatments. I have also had my treatment there and it was the best decision of my life. You are making the right choice by choosing that clinic for your treatment. I hope it works out for you. Good luck. Take care. Bye!
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Joined: 2018-02-10
Hi Ayu! I hope you are well. Surrogacy is banned in a lot of countries. Because some people there think it's immoral. Well, there's nothing immoral in it, but it's hard to make some people understand. The place you are visiting now is full of good clinics. The clinic you have chosen out of them is the same clinic where i had my treatment. If you are visiting that clinic for your treatment, then you have nothing to worry about. Hope this helps. You are in good hands. Good luck. Stay strong. TakeCare. Byeee!
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Joined: 2018-02-17
Hi Ayu! I am doing great. How are you? Japan is such a modern country, i didn't know they were against Surrogacy. I am happy that you found this clinic. I have also had my surrogacy there. It's one of the best clinics out there. They are so affordable but even at that low price, they are providing the best treatment. They have the most success rate out there. You will not find any other clinic that can come close to their success rate. Their success rate is the reason behind their fame. Stay strong love. Love you. Goodbye!
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Joined: 2018-02-21
Hi Ayu! How are you? First of all, countries need to lift this ban over Surrogacy. There's nothing bad in this treatment. If you are banning it, then ban every other treatment that helps people. There's no logic behind this. I am glad that you found that clinic at the right time. I tried like 10 different clinics in different countries, but it still didn't work out for me. This clinic was the only clinic to make it work for me. I am so thankful for what they did for me. Good luck. See you. Take good care of yourself. Bye!
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Joined: 2018-01-25
Hi! Ayu fighting infertility is a really hard thing. I am really sorry that cancer made you infertile. I don't even think you should try to conceive yourself after that. Surrogacy is a great option for you. You have traveled to the right place for treatment. I have had all three surrogacies there and all of them worked out. It's really important on this journey to find a good clinic. Because when you find a good clinic, then everything is easier for you. Glad to see that this clinic helped you as well. It makes me so happy. God bless you. Look after yourself. Byebye!
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Joined: 2018-12-06
I'm so happy things worked out for you. You've had a really struggling journey, so far. It's good to see, that you've had a happy ending! You've deserved it. Good luck to you in the future! Also, thank you for sharing your story! It means a lot to everyone, here. Plus, it serves as a motivational post!

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