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Hiiii, how have you been? Thank you for this post. I agree with you. There definitely is a need for spreading awareness about the causes and treatments of infertility. People are now realising these problems and taking steps toward the betterment for themselves. Which is a great thing. There are many different causes of infertility and specific treatments with respect to the condition. For most people, medication works too. I was one of the unfortunates ones. Surrogacy or adoption were the only options left for me. I went with surrogacy. Luckily I found a good fertility clinic for this. I weighed the pros and cons and obviously made an informed decision. I have a son now. Things worked out well in the end.
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You're absolutely right. Infertility is a big problem. Thank you for talking about this! You talked about your experience. This will help lots of women avoid such clinics. Keep up the brilliant work! Sending you lots of love and baby dust for your TTC journey.
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Thank you for spreading light on this issue. We are indeed fortunate enough that during our time the technology has drastically improved. There are so many options that one can opt for. However, it is very true that it is important to research the clinic you're opting for. Mainly, because treatments are expensive and one should be very careful with how they spend the money. I took several weeks to search before I got in touch with the clinic. I believe this is the reason that it was a success for us. I hope your procedure also works for you.
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When I was told that I was no longer a candidate for IVF and that nothing really was going to work for me I honestly thought my journey had come to an end. There was another clinic that I decided to visit. They told us about surrogacy. I actually got very interested. It was really the only option that was left for us. We opted for the procedure and things since then have been going very smoothly. I am really enjoying the whole process. Hoping for the best.

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