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I can totally relate to you! This journey isn't an easy one. There are so many obstacles between the way. I remember the first time when I had to visit the doctor for my checkup I was so nervous. This is mainly because I didn't have the slightest clue as to what was going on. We were told that things were fine on almost all the appointments. Infact, it got so frustrating for us because I really wanted things to work out. However, without knowing what was wrong we couldn't really decide on proper treatment. We went forward with several IUI treatments that didn't work for us. We even decided to go for IVF! We did 2 of the IVF cycles and they also didn't work for us. I was honestly so disappointed. Recently started visiting another clinic. They are situated abroad however, I am really hoping that things work out for us. Good luck to you as well.
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You're absolutely right. Infertility is a big problem. Thank you for talking about this! You talked about your experience. This will help lots of women avoid such clinics. Keep up the brilliant work! Sending you lots of love and baby dust for your TTC journey.
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Hiiii, how have you been? Thank you for this post. I agree with you. There definitely is a need for spreading awareness about the causes and treatments of infertility. People are now realising these problems and taking steps toward the betterment for themselves. Which is a great thing. There are many different causes of infertility and specific treatments with respect to the condition. For most people, medication works too. I was one of the unfortunates ones. Surrogacy or adoption were the only options left for me. I went with surrogacy. Luckily I found a good fertility clinic for this. I weighed the pros and cons and obviously made an informed decision. I have a son now. Things worked out well in the end.
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I'm really happy you created this post. It's really important to raise awareness. Women just are not aware of these things. It's crucial to tell them about it. Women who are going through these troubles can help. So, it makes me happier to see you made this. What you did not mention was the importance of choosing the right clinic. A lot of people overlook that. That's not good, to be honest. The choice of a clinic is so important. You know, how much of an impact it has on the treatment. Good luck to you! I hope things get better for you. You can get through it! Here's to hoping your luck turns for the better.

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