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how dangerous will it be to take medication for it?
Hi there. I am 8 weeks pregnant. Everything seems fine with the baby. The problem is that I have migraines. The headaches are just too much to bear. I was wondering how dangerous will it be to take medication for it? It is nearly impossible to just tolerate it.
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Hi everyone, I required An little inquiry which I truly needed to ask you ladies regarding. I need to be been taking conception prevention pills for exactly quite a while. I have recognized exactly side impacts. For example, such that I feel these pills are bringing on pigmentation with respect to my face. Besides a considerable measure for dull circles underneath my eyes. Furthermore, to that, I feel lethality Also totally emptied crazy. Need anybody for you recognized these side effects? ought I switch on some other pills?.
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If you were prone to getting migraines before getting pregnant, you may experience stronger headaches, or you masy find that they diminish during pregnancy. It is also normal to experience your first migrane when you are pregnant. Women tend to get migraines more often than man. I also get my migraines when i was pregnant. Doctor suggested me Category B anti-headache medication which include Tylenol and Reglan, which is used for nausea but it also relives the headache.
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Congratulations! I would suggest you avoid any kind of medication without your doctor's advice. It can harm both you and your baby. As in 8 weeks, time baby is just started developing and all his systems are in the process of developing. So my sincere advice is to immediately talk to your doctor.

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