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A bath can help you relax and relieve sore muscles without posing any health hazards. But saunas should be avoided, and pregnancy and hot tubs can be a dangerous combination. Spending 10 or more minutes in a hot tub can raise your body temperature to 102 F, causing a condition known as hypothermia. Some studies have shown an increased risk of miscarriage and neural tube defects in the babies of pregnant women exposed to high temperatures in the first four to six weeks of pregnancy. Exposure to high heat at any time during pregnancy also can cause you to overheat and lower your blood pressure, which can harm your baby's oxygen supply and make you light headed, possibly causing you to fall. If you choose to be in a hot tub during pregnancy, follow these steps:

  • Limit time in the tub to less than 10 minutes.
  • Avoid sitting near the inlet that pro­vides newly heated water.
  • Get out of the hot tub if you start to sweat or feel any discomfort.
  • Stay out of the tub if you already have an elevated temperature due to a fe­ver, exercise or previous sauna use.


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