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A heavenly clinic
Hi there, everyone! I hope you all are doing perfectly fine. I wanted to Thank each one of you who suggested me Bi****** clinic. My sister is infertile and she wanted to take help of assisted conception. I told her about this clinic. She contacted them via an email first. They provided her with all the information and then she flew to Ukraine. Her accommodation was free as well as the initial consultation. The doctor suggested her surrogacy as her body had been very weak due to miscarriages so IVF wasn't healthy for her at this moment. Her process has started and she's very satisfied. The clinic is selecting a surrogate mother for her child. I just hope everything goes well for her. I have full confidence in this clinic. Cheers to you guys!
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Wow, this is so amazing. I am so happy to hear the good news. Your sister must be super excited. I hope things work out best for her. Just tell her to stay strong. And never lose hope. Things will get fine gradually. The clinic that she has chosen is really good. I had my own surrogacy treatment from there. Their services were excellent. And they dealt with us very professionally. I was very impressed by them. The doctors were very cooperative. They answered our queries properly. They guided us to the right path. I am so happy to choose that clinic for my treatment. I wish even more happiness for you and your sister. Wishing her good luck.
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This is so amazing. Congratulation to you guys. I hope everything goes fine in her journey till the end. You guys are so lucky to find a good clinic. I wish I had been careful in find one too. I contacted Lotus clinic for my treatment. Little did I know, I was inviting even more depression in my life. The clinic did not deal with us professionally. They wasted our time. They have a very pathetic email system. I was very disappointed with them. That is why I left them. I am in search of a good clinic again. I've heard about this one from so many people. I'm gonna give this a try now. Wish me luck!
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I am so happy for you guys. I'll keep praying for a successful journey. Keep us updated about it. I am glad that you guys were careful to choose a clinic. Actually, we had to face something terrible. My sister had a very bad experience at Lotus clinic. After that, she posted about it on different forums. And she told me to do the same. We are trying to make people aware of this clinic's truth. Yet so many people are still unaware. I wish we could do something bigger to save people from this. The clinic has caused trouble to so many people. Many people have regretted contacting them. But I always tell them that this is not the end. We just have to be more careful in the future. Anyways, wish you good luck with your journey.
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It is great that this clinic is doing much to help patients. My sister has got a bad term with Adonis Clinic. It is also in Ukraine. They promised that they'd help my sister in a hard time. But, they back out at the eleventh hour. She stated in the emails that it was a matter of urgency. She had to face a lot of family pressure. Despite this, they didn't help her with the problem. They did not find her the perfect match for surrogacy. She is so hopeless now. We have now contacted this clinic. We are sure they can help her. I have heard a high success rate of them. I hope all goes smoothly for her. Fingers crossed. Wishing a good luck to all those going through this phase. Much love!
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It is so good to see that people have found a right place. A right clinic to help them cure their problem. I have had a very bad incident with Adonis. I tried contacting them so many times. But, they did not reply back. It took them two weeks to reply to me. I told them that I had to keep my reports confidential so I wanted to have a direct session with the doctor. They said that they will. However, they still did not manage for me. My DH keeps on asking me every day. What should I tell them? It seems like they are spam. They have got a poor communication service ever. Everybody should stay safe. They should make sure they go to the right clinic. It is a matter of one's life. Best wishes!
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Wow, this is a happy news. Congratulations to your sister. I hope it ends well. I hope she gets a healthy baby soon. I have been there myself. I was diagnosed with cancer last year. The doctor said a hysterectomy will be needed. I did the surgery. But it left me infertile. I was so angry at life then. I had lost all hope. All of my dreams of having a complete family has shattered. My husband found this clinic then. We went there and decided that we wanted to start surrogacy there. Thankfully, we will be parents soon. This clinic is coming to the UK on 18th and 19th August. I would suggest everyone attend the event.
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This news has filled me with joy. Convey my heartiest congratulations to your sister. I just hope her surrogacy journey may go smoothly. She will be a mother soon. Well, BioTexCom is serving people with its best. Many people successfully had surrogacy treatment from there. I was also trying to conceive for three years. It was really heart-wrenching for me. But then I decided to have surrogacy. I went to BioTexCom clinic. They provided me a sound surrogate. Also, they provided a guarantee for her. Well, nowadays they are having public sessions. It would be a great news for every individual that they are coming to London on 18th of August. There, you can have a free consultation with them. Seats are limited. Get register yourself at surrogacy@biotexcom.com.
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Hey Dear! Hope so you will be fine. I'm glad that she consulted Biotexcom clinic. Seriously they are best for such services. Even I have a baby through surrogacy and I adopted surrogacy with the help of this clinic. I hope she will be successful. Another most important thing is that the clinic is coming to London soon. They are even conducting an event on the 18-19th of the August. They provide some offers as well as initial guidance there. People can also sign a contract with them on the spot. So I think people facing such issues should avail this chance. For reservation, visit Biotexcom website. Wish you the best of luck
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Yes, it is one of the best clinics. I had my surrogacy treatment from them. It was the best experience of my life. The best thing is that BioTexCom team is coming to Uk on 18-19 August. I am so excited about that. I remember the time when they help me in my tough time. They performed surrogacy treatment. It was successful. I am a mother now. I am still in touch with the surrogate. I am so excited about the event. It will be best for those who need consultation. The best team will be there. If you are interested then register at surrogacy@BioTexCom.com. Hurry up seats are very limited
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I was trying to have a baby from last 17 years. But i didn't got lucky even for a single time. So i am now making up my mind to go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a very good procedure for women who can't have a baby naturally. I was also looking for alternative for my miscarriages and i found surrogacy to be the ultimate solution for my problem of infertility. There is a well known clinic in Ukraine for surrogacy. The surrogacy procedure of the clinic is much popular across the Europe. While researching about surrogacy i had seen the name of this clinic many times. than i started following the youtube channel of the clinic and i learnt alot from their videos. They guarantee that you will have a baby at the end. The doctor says about the guarantee that at the end you will leave the clinic or the country holding your baby. I am much satisfied about the clinic and i am waiting for my husband to decide when we move to Ukraine to start our journey of surrogacy.
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Here in Japan surrogacy is totally prohibited.So we moved to Europe and roamed in Europe for sometime and contacted many clinics there, Than we heard about a clinic and we moved to Ukraine. It is a very good clinic and we consulted them. The clinic is arranging an event in London where they will give special discount to first few applicants. They are the best they have best solution for us now. I'm sasha from Japan. We are settled in Japan from last few decades. I had hysterectomy cancer. All of you should know its treatment and its result.As a result i was cancer free but for the lifetime i'm infertile now.So i was worried and tensed and than my husband came to know about surrogacy.Surrogacy is a method of raising a baby from someone's else egg. I was amazed at this method but when i studied about it i was happy.Then we found a surrogate mom and we donated the eggs and now surrogate is carrying our twin daughters. Now when i sit alone i thank god that he is giving us two gifts in one time. We are so happy and excited to have our babies. Please share your stories with me.
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I am glad that things are going well for yous sister over there. I am also visiting them for my process. The clinic has been making sure things go smoothly. They assigned a manager to us. She has been guiding us throughout. Her help has really benefited us. I was so confused regarding the documents. However, she helped me out. Later, when we visited the clinic she was there with us at all the stages. Therefore, I really liked how the clinic made sure I had no issue. So far things have been going really well. The surrogate the matched is also perfect. Good luck to you. I hope things go well for your sister as well. Stay positive and strong.
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Yes, indeed, this clinic is considered one of the best in Europe. I know that many childless couples go there in order to find a baby. The clinic provides all services in the field of reproductive medicine. Many foreign citizens go there to join the surrogacy program. Indeed, in Ukraine, surrogacy is completely legal, unlike many other countries. In addition, Ukraine has low prices, despite this, the quality of the services provided is high. That is why there are so many positive reviews about this place.

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