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Have been hitched
F=Hello ladies. Feel really good to read happy stories. But am not happy at all. Well, my story is for as long as 6 years I have been hitched. What's more, as constantly anticipated from a marriage home, I am intended to have my very own offspring. This has not been simple for me. At first, I thought it was only something or other that occur in a home however now I think like that no more. When we at first displayed it to a private master facility, I was analyzed of having low egg check and was prescribed to a few medications which I began taking. Taking the medications did not give me the outcome I sought after yet rather bewildered my menstrual stream. My concern isn't the cash yet the result. Will IVF take care of my concern or will it prompt more entanglements? I am suggested to visit a clinic located in Ukraine for IVF. I am having an appointment with them in the coming week.
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Hey Perrieward, Are you talking about this clinic ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wkbgaaXc2XaxTYJhtR0rA ) ? I have been seeing may recommendations of it all over the internet. Where did you find it by the way? Were you recommended by some particular person? As for your concerns about cost and care. Gather more information around it by directly reaching out to the respective professionals/service. Hope it helps!
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Hey Perrie! I m so sorry to hear about your troubles. There are two options for you IVF or surrogacy, I m glad that you are opting for IVF. IVF is a very successful technique. Many people are making their dream come true with it. You don't need to worry about anything. There's a clinic in Ukraine, who are providing the best guidance and treatment ever. I think you visit their youtube channel and see for yourself. Here's the link (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wkbgaaXc2XaxTYJhtR0rA/featured)
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I think that would be great for you. If you try that place. that place really has good success rates. I think you should go for it. Other than that don't worry dear. May you get well soon. Take care.
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Hello there! I am really sorry that you had to go through this mishap. This is very unprofessional of these clinics to go about claiming to help the couples. But tey is mere scammers. You need to stay aware of them I have had a recent experience with this clinic named Lotus. They are the biggest scam I have come across. I approached them after hearing good reviews. But they never replied. They never really wanted to help. Moreover, some people also report that they take the money and then do not do anything for the treatments. So you need to be careful of this clinic as well. The name is Lotus. It is located in the UK. Before you go about facing severe issues with this clinic have warned you beforehand. I hope that you recover soon. And I also hope that you find the clinic that can help deal with your issues dear!
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Hey! Infertility is definitely the worst. I wish you didn't have to go through it. It's a tough time I'm sure. I think it's great you looked into your alternatives. Surrogacy is a great procedure. It really has helped so many. What clinic did you end up going to? Choice of clinic really matters for your experience. There are some great ones in Europe. I think you must have gone there for it. Hearing some bad stuff about Lotus though, I don't think it must be that one. Anyway, I'm glad you got your happiness. Best wishes to you!
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Hey, Perrie. I hope you're doing okay. Six years is too much! Why didn't you seek help earlier? It's never too late, though. I'm glad you're trying to do something about it, now. I'll be wishing things work out for you. There is definitely some infertility issue for you. I'm sure a check-up should reveal what it is. You're doing the right job by opting for a fertility clinic. They will help you out in the manner best suited to you. It could be IVF, it could be IUIs. It really depends on what your problem is. Good luck to you. I hope things work out!
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Every scenario is different. Everybody is different, too. It solely depends on how your body deals with different issues. I can understand your situation. However, I don't understand why you didn't get it checked before? Six years is such a long time. I can't help but think how frustrated you must be. It's good that you're on the right track, now. They will host a medical check-up. Based on that information, they will suggest you one of the methods of assisted conception. They have a good idea of what's best because they are experienced, enough. I hope this helps you understand. Sending you my best regards on this journey. I pray it's short and successful. Lots of love and baby dust for you, honey.
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That's really sad! I'm so sorry that you've had to go through such a tough time. It's good that you haven't given up, though. This should sum up your character. You don't give up and you're really brave for doing this. It's a very good decision to finally seek help. I can understand why you might have waited. Assisted conception is the way to go, though. Fertility clinics are a more suitable option than doctors. Doctors can be so unreliable. Fertility clinics thoroughly check you up, and then they don't tell you what you already know. Instead, they tell you about your options regarding assisted conception. It could be IVF, IUI, etc. There are many options available. Best of luck to you!

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