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Had an accident during the third trimester
Hi friends. This is my third trimester and I had a small accident last week. I survived with minor injuries and my baby is safe. I have a small wound on my forehead and a minor nose injury There is a slight swelling and my nose looks crooked. My doctor says it is easier to tell if the nose is really crooked or not only when the swelling goes. I look horrible now. I’m ready to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery procedure in Toronto ( http://www.rhinoplasty.ca/procedures/primary-rhinoplasty/ ) if it is still the same when the swelling goes. But surgeries are not recommended during pregnancy, which is holding me back. Can I undergo this procedure soon after my delivery? Or should I wait a further more, say till my breastfeeding phase is over.
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I'm pleased to hear that you and your baby are safe! I'd say that it is better to do a surgery after breastfeeding period but if a doctor says it is okay, then... I read very good articles about pregnancy, and maybe you find answers to your questions! Check it out: http://motherhow.com/29-weeks-pregnant/ Good luck!
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Hi, my dear. I’m sorry for your accident. I wish you peaceful delivery. The decision to have surgery during a pregnancy is a difficult one and must be made in consultation with your physician. There are some common reasons for surgery in pregnancy are Infection, serious surgical emergencies, such as blocked bowels or appendicitis, possible cancer, “torsed” ovary, a fracture or trauma. In the third trimester before having surgery while pregnant, there are multiple things to consider. Is the surgery absolutely necessary? What are the risks of not having surgery? Do the risks of the procedure outweigh the rewards of the procedure? I recommended you to delay the surgery (If it is possible) after the delivery.
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Hi dear. So sorry to hear this! Sadly, though, I know exactly what you are going through! Last Wednesday I was in a car accident where I hit the car in front of me! Not my fault because the car in front of me slammed on his brakes to try and merge into the left lane but no one was letting him over... Stupid! Anyway, it was 100% my fault based on the situation! Airbag deployed... The car might be totaled but I will find out more tomorrow! First, I would have called insurance, SO, and cops. Second, I would have called a midwife. I promise you, I'm not heartless but at 16 weeks there's nothing the hospital/midwife can do to save the baby if anything happened to the baby! I was 16w5d and I didn't go to the hospital! My mom works in hospitals though so all my life I have downgraded my injuries! I was still freaked out of course all weekend because the seat belt left bruises across my tummy and the airbag left bruises on my thighs. I called my OB & also Lotus Clinic in Ukraine just to report it. They even confirmed that they would first make sure mommy was ok because there's nothing they can do if the baby was hurt before 24 weeks. She did suggest coming in to do an ultrasound if that would make me feel better so it is up to you! Since I hit the car around 30-35 mph, she did say I could have detached the placenta but said if I wasn't bleeding or cramping, everything should be fine! It was definitely a scary situation but know that accidents happen all the time and our little ones are protected by a lot of padding right now! I hope everything goes well for you.
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Hi, my dear. I’m sorry for your accident. Good news that you and your baby are fine!. 10 years ago, while my husband was driving, he felt in a sleep. So, we had a hard accident and we transferred to nearest hospital. In that time, I should have surgery. But the decision to have surgery during a pregnancy is a difficult one and must be made in consultation with my specialist doctor. I had a fracture in my nose and it was hurting. I was in my 31 weeks and my delivery was near. So, after consultation with my doctor and all procedures, they didn’t make a surgery for me. It was a hard time, I felt sad and miserable. But when my baby arrived the immediately made the surgery for my nose. So that, I recommend you to delay the surgery (If it is possible) after the delivery. I wish you peaceful delivery.
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Hey. Thank god for healing you. what a terrible situation!. A couple of years ago, when I was pregnant, I had an accident. My leg was broken and after the accident, the pain was so hard. Besides that, I was afraid that I may lose my baby. then we went to the doctor and after checking he said that the baby was good and there was no danger. But I had to have a surgery on my knee. I had some checkup before surgery and the results were okay. The doctor said that I could have the operation safely. I had the operation successfully and my baby was safe until he arrived. So, I think you can do surgery but before that, you have to do the checkup. God be with you dear
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Hi Paings, Though, I read your post after likek two years later since you posted. The title gave me a minor heart-attack. Accident in trimester? My goodness! Thank God, you and your baby were safe. So, what did you decide to do eventually? Did you undergo surgery? Or you delayed it until after delivery? What was your doctor's recommendations? Did you share the same concerns with him/her. He could have lend you a more sound advice. That also based on professional experience.
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Hello ladies.3rd trimester was the best for me for both my kiddos. that's when your not sick and getting big its the best time to just enjoy being preggers. You still got a while to go so the 3rd trimester in a few more weeks will be annoying and you'll just want the baby out but enjoy it its time. Yeah, those last few months were definitely the longest for me! now it's just a waiting game.Good luck ladies.
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This is too much risky. I have to tell you that. Just whatever you do.Do it carefully. Don't worry everything will be fine. Take care allot dear. Best of luck. Don't worry everything will be fine.
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Hey! so happy for you. I always read all the post on forums. It feels like I am having a baby inside me. In my third trimester I an accident. I was with my husband, and we had a car accident. He got minor injuries but I lost my babies. After trying so many still not able to conceive. Then I came to know that I had some internal injuries and I won't be a mother again. Someone suggested my surrogacy on this forum. I made my mind to it. Pray for me I want a baby badly. Although I cannot feel it inside me but I can have it. I have met a doctor too. The surrogate mother is arranged. The clinic is affordable as well.Hope everything will go fine.

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