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Explore the cheapest months to fly Imagine that you know where you want to go, but you do not know when. Maybe you want to take a 'mai tai' in Hawaii, but you can not afford to spend almost € 4,000 on a ticket in high season. No problem. Google Flights allows you to research the cheapest months to fly, thanks to an algorithm that averages rates. Yes, keep in mind that these estimates are quite approximate to reality, but, obviously, the results may vary at the time of booking the trip definitively. google-flights-mediatrends-2 Another option is to go to the 'flexible dates' tab. In this case, we will navigate between the actual actual prices per month, so the amount will hardly change when you make the actual purchase. Search for cheap trips per month google-flights-mediatrends-6 This is the opposite case. You know what month you want to travel, but you do not know where (and deep down, it does not matter). No problem. Go on sale 'Discover destinations' and there, instead of selecting exact dates, you can select a month, as well as a time slot in the month (one week, two weeks, weekend ...). And if all this were not enough, you can also apply filters by region or country, as well as a selection of interests (nature, food, honeymoon, adventure ...). Get notifications when flight prices change google-flights-mediatrends-11 As you well know, the prices of flights fluctuate a lot. Therefore, a good idea is to start tracking prices as soon as possible to be able to buy the ticket when it is at its lowest price. How to do it? Very easy. Select a round trip flight and then go to the bottom of the page and select 'Save this itinerary'. Google Flights allows you to review all saved itineraries and their subsequent price changes. Also, this platform also allows you to activate alert in Google Now that will notify you of price changes. A tip: according to a study, airline tickets have the lowest price 54 days before the date of travel. Take an account! Look for long transfers to visit 'hidden' cities Do you want a complete adventure? Well you can search for 'hidden' transshipment cities. What do I mean? Well, Google Flights allows you to find a flight with a very long transfer, which would allow you to get to know a different city from where you are heading, while you make a stopover. To see your cities 'hidden', simply look for a flight as you normally do, but under the 'More' tab, you will see a list of transhipment cities so you can choose the one that suits you best. google cheap flights [1] [1] http://google-flights.co/
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