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Google Translate
Not only Instagram has been updated during today. Google Translate guys have taken a very important step today in their application for iPhone and iPad : from today you can use the service offline. The latest update of the application for iOS includes this new functionality, which allows the user to download any of the 52 available languages ​​without connection in order to use the service offline. According to Google, this is how the new offline mode works : Setting up offline mode is very easy: simply press the arrow next to the language name to download the language pack, and then you are ready to make text translations regardless of whether you are connected to the Internet or not. We have just added the Filipino language pack, offering a total of 52 languages ​​available offline. As a curiosity, the available languages ​​offline could have been for a long time. However, the difficulty eradicates the amount of vocabulary that the phone should download . The language packs that Google Translate offers to download are reduced by a total of 90% of the language, leaving only the most used vocabulary, which in reality with that 10% is usually more than enough for everyone. The language packs that Google Translate offers to download are reduced by a total of 90% In fact, this new function makes little sense if we are in our native or usual country, since it is very difficult not to have an Internet connection at any time and require the translation service. However, it makes all the sense in the world to be able to use Google Translate offline if we are, for example, on a vacation in a foreign country, where Roaming data does not work in our favor. If you want to use this latest news, you can download for free Google Translate from the App Store .
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