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Google Flights - Notifies Flight Delays
With this new tool you can have more time to look for alternatives and not run out of flight. Google has implemented a series of features in its search engine to solve the most frustrating situations when you make a plane trip, among which is the prediction of flights that have delays. This function will not only obtain information from the airline, but will make use of its databases and machine learning algorithms to predict a delayed flight, even before the airline announces it. On the presentation website of Google Flights, the company explained that this is possible thanks to the combination of Google's Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Which may give you access to data such as the reasons for the delay. Likewise, Google Flights will show you the lowest fares, with the advantage that it will also make visible some restrictions that the airlines do not show in their ads as the ability to select a seat or the additional fees for luggage. It should be noted that the flight delay prediction function is in the trial period, so it may not be available to all users, until it has a presicion of 85% indicated Google. alm google maps flight 772 google maps flight 93 crash site google plane fares google plane flights google plane ticket prices google plane tickets google play flight 787 anadolu pro

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