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giving up
i live in the uk and I feel so lost in my body , I have done ovrey drilling and tried clomide and ovireil and now im still not pregnant after 5 years of trying . we havnt got no savings to be able to do ivf .. does anyone else know of finance ivf or other ways I can try and get pregnant by with my pcos
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Joined: 2018-12-04
Hi there Paige! I hope you are doing well. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I know how hard it is to deal with that. You are trying from last 5 years, that's awful. So there's this clinic where I got my treatment. The packages are so affordable and the services are great. You won't even have to worry about the expenses there. They will even provide you the accommodation during treatment. It's abroad but it still won't cost you more than other clinics with all the traveling as well. The success rate of this clinic is also quite high so you don't even have to worry about your chances. They will make it work for you. I hope this helps you. Good luck! Stay blessed!
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Hey Paige! I feel so bad for you. I can understand what you are going through. There's this clinic abroad where I am opting for my treatment, the packages are quite affordable there. You should check them out. They even have a guarantee program in which they will keep trying till it works for you. There's no reason to give up when you have such clinics out there. I am also going to start my treatment in a week so I hope that you go for it as well. Everything will be fine. Don't worry. Just take good care of yourself and check them out. I hope this helps you. Good luck. Bye.
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Hi, Paige. I can feel your pain, dear. I've been through this situation so I know how terrible you must be feeling right now. TTC is the toughest period of a married couple's life. But hey? you can't give up like this! You have to be strong and face the problem life is throwing at you. I'll advise you to go for the surrogacy process in Ukraine. It is very reasonable there, and they guarantee your success. So, it is worth it. Why don't you consider taking a loan? Or if your parents have money, you can request them. As it is safer from getting a loan, honestly. I'll pray for you, dear. I hope everything goes well and you become a mother soon. Lots of love and prayers for you. All the best!
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Hey, I am really sorry to read about your struggles. I can understand how hard this might be for you. However, stay strong. I am sure things will get better. Just make sure to research. Even I know so many people who had the same issue. The issue of financial constraint can really take a toll at a person. However, it is very important to look into a good clinic. Someone for whom quality matters and not quantity. The clinic I am aware of offers two packages. The VIP and the standard package. Both of the packages are comparatively inexpensive and come with accommodation services as well. I think that is just great. Therefore, if you want I can give you their information. Sending baby dust your way.
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Hey, I can understand how hard this all journey must be for you. However, I hope things get better soon. If it has been 5 years why dont you consider opting for IVF. It has proven to be a highly successful procedure. So many people in today's world are opting for it. For the process just make sure to visit the right doctor. By this I mean make sure the clinic you're visiting has a high success rate and also has doctors that are experienced. This is something that really matters and shouldn't be ignored. The clinic I am visiting they did firstly run our medical tests. They wanted to ensure that we were a suitable candidate for the treatment we opted for. The clinic I am visiting my process with them is going amazing. The reason for that is a lot of research on them. Therefore, it is important to research and see. Good luck to you. If you need any help do let me know.
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Hello. I really hope you are feeling better now. I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles. Trust me, I understand. I have been there. I experienced all this too. Right now, it may seem like the end of the world. But it really isn't. This is the start for you. I know it has been pretty rough. But you always have to start somewhere right? Start saving now. I can recommend a place where you can get it done at an affordable price. Money is not a problem anymore. You just have to make up your mind. You can do as much research as you like. I hope everything works out for you.
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Listen to me, you cannot give up! You've come so far. It makes no sense to give up! You've had a tough journey, I know. It's okay to feel this way. It's very common, I remember feeling the same way. You can still pull through, though! Keep the faith, please! Five years is an incredibly long time. Have you considered opting for IVF from abroad? It's affordable in those countries. It could be the way to go. IUIs could be another option. They are much cheaper. You can do this, okay? Sending you lots of support and love! There are options, okay? Stay motivated, you can do this!
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Five years is a long time! I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. It must have been so tough, without a doubt. Sometimes, it just does not happen! It's hardly fair to be infertile. I'm glad, that you kept trying the alternatives. I would suggest that you keep the faith, though. I know, it's hard to give yourself hope. Especially, when nothing has worked. However, you have to stay motivated. You have plenty of options. There are clinics in other countries, like in Eastern Europe, which could be helpful. They have good cheap payments and the service is quite good. I'd suggest you look into it. The first consultancy session is free as well!
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Maybe you should consider suitable options abroad. Since in other countries the cost of IVF and treatment can be significantly lower. I recommend paying attention to foreign clinics. Perhaps you will find an option that suits you at a cost. I understand your concerns regarding the financial component. Indeed, sometimes one cycle of IVF may not be enough. And of course, this requires additional financial investments.
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Naomi, I agree with you, it seems to me that the best option in this case is a foreign clinic. You need to consider all options, compare prices. Abroad, the cost of IVF can be much lower. Therefore, you should not worry about the financial component of this process. You can consider as a possible option - Ukraine. In this country, low prices, but good service. Cheer up, I believe that you will succeed.
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Please don't give up! I know, it's hard to motivate yourself to keep going. However, it's important to remember why we're doing this! How precious it is to be a parent. There can be other alternatives, you can always consider IUIs, they're generally cheaper. You can also visit one of the clinics in Eastern Europe. Their rates are affordable, too!
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I can understand what you're trying to say. I can relate to your situation, as well. TTC is just so heart-wrenching at times. It's also very difficult to negotiate. Especially, when things aren't going your way. One feels neglected and feels that nothing will work. That's the time when we have to be strong. Don't worry so much. I'm sure there must be a way for you. There are some clinics in foreign countries which could work out. They offer the same services but at far cheaper rates. That will definitely be affordable for you and you can get quality treatment. Hit me up if you need more information. I would love to help you out! Don't give up, though!

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