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Hi everyone, How do you do guys. I hope you find my post at your best. I just joined this forum first time on the recommendation of my friend. Actually, I and my husband are trying to conceive now. I want to share that I was so overweighted before. Now I lost almost all of my weight but I am still worried. The reason for me getting worried is that I took supplements before. I took them regularly. Now I just want to know that what could we possibly do. Should I continue taking those supplements and try to conceive or should I just leave them and then ttc. I just want this knowledge please help me. Please help me.
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Joined: 2018-01-20
Hi Rachel! How are you holding up dear? You're very warmly welcomed here. I'm glad you did join it...I'm glad you did. Well, losing weight is really a huge issue for someone. I know how it feels. Well, have you been diagnosed with anything relative to infertility? I mean have you visited an Obstetrician? So, he will guide you better than what's going on with you. I hope it's nothing's huge with you. Stay blessed! Keep me updated with it...I'd love to get along and help...
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hello, my dear TTC, it is great to learn about such motivating stories. You are one of those people who are not ready to give up. You are ready to take up the challenge. You are not a loser. Your courage and the spirit are worth praising. I feel that you are facing the problems due to the extra weight. Sometimes the excessive weight does not let you have the normal reproductive functions. Supplements do not matter much in the weight gain. If you have any confusion about continuing the supplements it is better to consult your doctor. If she has some suggestion then you need to follow them. Supplements or no supplements should not be decided by you. trying to conceive, had excessive weight, taking supplements should I give up
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It is good to see that you care about yourself. You took the initiative to lose the weight. It will really help in conceiving. Well for the supplements id say that they are harmless. I mean you can continue taking them. You can even stop taking them.It depends on you. I will advise you see a doctor. Were you using them with a prescription before?If yes then consult again. If no then obviously immediately see a doctor. He will guide you better.Other than that there is no need to take the stress. You will conceive soon.Best of luck and loads of wishes your way.

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