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A missed period is the most common sign of pregnancy but sometimes a period may not happen for other reasons, such as illness, shock or even jet lag. However, if you are experiencing other symptoms (see below), you should consider having a pregnancy test. Although  not everybody feels the full range of symptoms as soon as they become pregnant , you may experience some of the following, which are most characteristic signs of pregnancy:

  • You have missed one or more periods.
  • You need to urinate frequently.
  • You may find that certain tastes and smells become unpleasant suddenly; or you may crave odd foods. Often there may be a strange metallic taste in the mouth.
  • You feel nauseous and may vomit in the mornings (or at other times of the day).
  • Your breasts are tingling, tender or more swollen than usual.
  • You feel particularly tired.
  • You feel emotional or tearful.
  • You suddenly become constipated.


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