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family on board
Hi. It's me again. My husband and I broke the news about us applying for a second baby to our family. We have told our friends yet, just immediate family. We will tell the friend later when everything is confirmed. Thought I'd tell you guys since you are like my second family. Do pray for us. I'm going to give my clinic a phone call soon.
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Well, it's good news. How did they respond? Are they happy? Didi anyone had an objection? I remember my time. I was so scared to tell them. Especially my MIL. I felt like she will reject the idea. Initially, she did.Thank God she accepted afterward. I had an issue with extended family. They tried to criticize the idea. I was so disturbed by it first. Then my husband asked me to ignore it. I am glad I did and went for. You should also just be focused. Keep us updated on the journey. Good luck and best wishes.

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