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It's easy to panic if you fall during pregnancy, but your body is designed to protect your developing baby. An injury would have to be severe enough to seriously hurt you before it would directly harm your baby. The walls of your uterus are thick, strong muscles that help keep your baby safe. The amniotic fluid also serves as a cushion. In addition, during the early weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is tucked behind the pelvic bone, so there's even more protection.

If you do fall, you can take comfort in knowing that your baby most likely won't be hurt. After approximately 24 weeks, a direct blow to the abdomen can possibly cause complications and must be evaluated.If you're worried about the welfare of your baby after a fall, see your health care provider for reassurance. Seek medical attention immediately if:

  • Your fall results in pain, bleeding or a direct blow to the abdomen
  • You're experiencing vaginal bleeding or leaking of amniotic fluid
  • You feel severe pain or tenderness in your abdomen, uterus or pelvis
  • You have uterine contractions
  • You notice a decrease in fetal movement

In most cases, your baby will be fine. But your care provider may want to do some tests to make sure everything is OK.


I just fell on my right side

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 2014-11-22 17:15.
I just fell on my right side , while I was taking a shower on the bathroom. . My baby is moving but I don't know what to do .. should I go to the hospital ??? I'm 32 weeks pregnant

Good day . i stepped skew and

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2014-04-15 10:42.
Good day . i stepped skew and fell on my bum but not hard and im currently 8 weeks pregnant and seeing gynie tomorrow for 1st ultrasound. will this harm my baby ? i have no bleeding or cramping or pain. just my ankle and foot that hurts alot

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