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Event Update
Ukraine is very popular for its clinics regarding infertility. I have been there in Ukraine myself. there are a number of clinics in Ukraine for infertility solutions. I was infertile due to hysterectomy cancer. I was cancer free after sometime but it resulted in my total infertility. My husband decided that we will go for surrogacy to have a child. here in Japan surrogacy is prohibited. So we moved to Ukraine for surrogacy. There we found a very good clinic which is best for its surrogacy. We started our surrogacy journey at that clinic. Clinic founded a good surrogate for us. Then we went through the whole process and everything was just perfect. Now our surrogate is pregnant with our twin daughters. We are so happy that we will finally have our baby with us. We will be flying to Ukraine once the clinic let us know the delivery date of our surrogate. Clinic is arranging an event for infertility soon. They will soon announce the venue and the dates. They will also offer some registrations there for treatments.
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I am glad that you guys did not lose hope. And, decided on surrogacy. I hope your surrogate mom delivers your babies safely. My prayers and love for you. I am glad that this clinic is arranging for the event. It will be really great for the people who want to contact them. It will be really helpful to them. My sister cannot conceive naturally. She has been TTC for six years. Now, she is planning to go for surrogacy. And, I think this will be a great opportunity for herself. She should avail herself of it. I hope they announce the dates and venues soon. I hope she finds her rainbow very soon. Good luck to you too! Baby dust!
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Hi there. I love your hopeful attitude and I am glad that you guys did not lose hope. And, decided on surrogacy. I hope your surrogate mom delivers your babies safely. My prayers and love for you. Biotexcom is really a well reputed clinic and they are arranging the event for open consultation for everyone which is an awesome news. I cant believe they will have Anastasia with them. She is a wonderful person and very cooperative. I have had an amazing experience with them. I was helped in each and every matter and all went without any glitch.I think the dates and venue will be cleared soon. I wish you best of luck. And may this journey be smooth ad successful for you.
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I heard this. And I am so excited about this. This is such an amazing news. As well as an amazing opportunity. I have heard so much about the clinic. I am definitely looking forward to this. I will mark the dates. And I will forward it to everyone in my circle as well. I think I will book the tickets ASAP for myself and my spouse. It does not hurt to have the necessary information even if one does not want to go for the treatment. Thank you for sharing this here. I had mixed up the dates. The clinic is doing an amazing job by having this event. Surrogacy is such an amazing solution to infertility. This is necessary to have such events and create awareness. Looking forward to it.
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Oh! event date and the venue has been changed! I was so desperate to sign an agreement with them. Now, I have to wait for more for availing this opportunity. BioTexCom is the world top-ranked infertility clinic. Their success rates are high too. This is because they are providing a guarantee for success. Well, thank you so much for sharing the update. This has saved both my time and money. I was about to book my seats for London. Aspirants are really very much excited for this event. It's a golden chance for infertile individuals. Everyone wants to complete their family. When they get such an amazing chance to fulfill their desires, it's great. Everyone should join hands with BioTexCom to make their dreams come true. Sending positive vibes to all.
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Hi dear. I hope you will be doing good in your lives. I am so sorry that you had to face infertility. No doubt infertility is really a curse. It is one of the worst experience. I am happy that you chose something good for yourself. Surrogacy is really a blessing for couples who are facing infertility. It has helped many people in conceiving a baby. This event will b really useful for you. It will help you in many ways. All your queries will be answered at that event. I am also very excited about that event. Please go and attend that event and share your experience here with all of us. It will be helpful for many people here. All my best wishes are with you.
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Don't be depress. Don't feel bad about it. There is nothing to worry about. If you can't reach them the good place that's fine. Keep trying and never give up. Giving up is not a problem at all. Always keep yourself up. Try to make the right decisions. Everything will be fine for you. There is nothing to worry about. Please, take a good care. Don't worry. Soon you'll hear the good news about a clinic that is coming to you for your help. Isn't that best. It would be. Just wait.
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I hope everything is fine for you. Well, there are certain things which can't help you. There are certain moments when you feel that it's going to be a problem. You don't have to think like this. It won't help you at all. Everything will be alright. There is not going to be any problem. Everything will be fine. Please, take care.
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Dear thanks for the information. I think there must be a misunderstanding. I had my surrogacy from that clinic. They treated really well. I know a lot of people were waiting. It's normal when clinics like them offered such expensive treatments at a very reasonable cost. I have seen how hard they were trying to satisfy their customer. It's really hard to hear different stories from different individuals. So I think they are the best at their job. As I have mentioned earlier about my treatment from them. Wonderful thing is that their team is coming to Uk on 18-19 August. You should attend this seminar so it will clear many of your doubts. Trust me don't miss this opportunity. I am also attending this event. Wish you the best of luck for that
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BioTexCom is arranging an event. The event is all about the infertility treatments at the clinic. The clinic will also offer some seats to get registered there. I will also register myself there. It is a beneficial event for people planning for surrogacy. I am also planning for surrogacy. I was TTC from last 10 years. But there was no sign of conceiving. I went to different doctors for my checkups. After extensive testing doctors were also unable to trace the issue with my infertility. I was stressed and was sad. I talked to my husband about this. He said not to worry that everything will be fine. We keep on TTC for some more time and still there was no hope in it. So we gave upon the idea of TTC. I was sad and depressed. Than a friend of mine told me about surrogacy. And now i am going for the event and surrogacy. So it will be useful for me.
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Hello. How are you doing? Thank you for sharing this information with us It was really important. I got to know about this a while ago. I heard the dates are being postponed because they need the event to be absolutely perfect. This is what I love about this clinic so much. They take care of the tiniest detials. This is what they did in my surrogacy procedure too. They took care of the things that didn't even matter to me and were irrelevant in my eyes. This made my entire experience so perfect. I can't wait to meet them in person again.
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Hi. It is good to see that there are still good clinics left. I hope they continue coding their good work. Infertility is a very hard phase of life. I know when I was so happy trying to conceive. And failing miserably. Until I got to know that I cant. It broke me. It was the most devastating day of my life. But then so many people helped me. They told me that there are other options. And that I can go for them without thinking twice. I was recommended to so many clinics. One, in particular, I would like to mention in Adonis. They are the most insensitive people ever. They showed no support whatsoever. And left me crying just like that. I lost all hope. I just wish people to stay away from such fertility centers. And find the best ones for themselves. Cheers.
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hello That’s so sad to you. I can imagine the fear you are feeling now. Don’t be panic. Otherwise, your hormones get disturbed and can ruin your whole internal system. Don’t get fear of negative tests. Let happen to them what they like to happen. Just relax and calm down. Contact your doctor. She will guide you best. I suggest you about the London conference where you can find yourself best at answer question session. But the conference is postponed. Otherwise, it is much beneficial as compare to go to doctors. Soon they will announce dates and venue. I will inform you as soon as I contact them. for that time manage something else to cope with this condition.
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Hello! I hope everyone is doing great. Thanks for sharing this news. It would be useful for many people. I would just say that we should never lose hope. as we live in a modern world. there is nothing that can't be cured. all you have to do is stay strong. God forbid, even if you are infertile, don't be sad and disappointed. Everything is curable. nowadays there are many alternatives. I can share my story with you all. It might be of help. I am infertile and I tried everything but nothing worked for me. finally, I made up my mind for surrogacy. but the real challenge was finding an appropriate clinic. this was very difficult. I came across many clinics that were a real waste of time. one of them was the Lotus clinic. They really wasted my time and disappointed me. Just avoid that particular clinic I hope the best for you all who are facing this problem. Just don't lose hope and stay strong!
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Hey there! I'm very happy to see that you're so close to achieving your dream. This is just so wonderful. I feel great when I read people having success with surrogacy. I myself had my children through a surrogacy process from Ukraine. Ukraine sure is the best country to have a fertility treatment done. When I was declared infertile, I literally was broken. My husband managed to handle me and supported me throughout. Sometimes I feel bad for him, he also needed me at that time but I was so selfish and so depressed. Anyhow, he came across this amazing clinic in Ukraine which has high success rates. I've also heard that they're going to travel to different countries and have open sessions to help people. They're going to announce the dates and venues soon. They're very professional and I know they'll do great. I'm very thankful to them. Anyway, I wish you all the best!
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hello everyone! there are a lot of women who face serious problems like infertility. You learn a lot from them when you hear their stories. They are very inspiring and motivational sometimes. sometimes you have to choose an alternative. But there are a lot of confusions. Biotexcom is certainly is a very good institute that can help and consult you if you are having ambiguities about these alternatives. These treatments can change your life. I can suggest you that you visit this amazing team. they would really guide you in every possible way. this event that they are arranging would be very helpful. You can avail this chance and can get their help. You would really love this experience. Best of luck!
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Hello everyone, I hope you all are enjoying good health. Indeed surrogacy is the best option among all other infertility treatment. And most of you already know that BioTexCo is the best among all others who are providing successful surrogacy treatment. People prefer this clinic just because of their success surrogacy treatment.this is because they make sure to every infertile with guaranteed result. As you all know about their upcoming event in London. But I learned from many of my individuals that have brought change in their venue and date. Due to the venue issue because a large number of the couple have booked their seats. So it might difficult for them to manage such a big crowd. I was also waiting for this event but I think we should need to wait for more for this golden opportunity. I hope we all will be soon get a new update about the venue and date. Wishing you all the best of luck.
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Hey Ayu, I read your story and to be honest I was very touched. I can understand what you have gone through and I wish you the best. I'm infertile too. I tried my best to get over this curse. I opted for surrogacy as my fate. Biotexcom was so great to me. We loved their services and staff. I would recommend you to try it too. you would definitely love them. Also, they are having an event soon. I'm excited. You should avail the chance too. Get yourself registered because they are having limited seats. Take care Good luck.
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I am also visiting them for surrogacy. So far things are going really well. They have been so good at handling all the legalities of the process. The thing I was most concerned about was the surrogate. She turned out to be perfect. When the clinic matched us one after going through their matching procedure I was so nervous. I wasn't sure what to expect. However, she was really nice to us. She told us that she was very excited to start the process with us. She told us that she was more than willing to help us. Now we are great friends with her and the manager. I dont bug them much because I understand that people need their space. However, it is always good to know that she and the baby are doing really well. I am so excited about the end days. Good luck to you.

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