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When a fertilized egg develops and implants outside the womb, either in a Fallopian tube or, more rarely, in the abdominal cavity, the developing egg outgrows its blood supply and dies, causing severe bleeding. This condition is rare.

Symptoms and treatment
If you are experiencing severe pain in your abdomen (usually on one side), heavy vaginal bleeding, and you feel faint (particularly if you have already had a positive pregnancy test), go to a hospital at once. If it is discovered to be an ectopic pregnancy, it can't be saved.

The situation may be life-threatening because it can cause severe internal bleeding and will need prompt surgery. In serious cases, the affected Fallopian tube may need to be removed. Sometimes, an early ectopic pregnancy can "miscarry" itself, known as a tubal abortion, without your knowledge.

How likely is an ectopic pregnancy?
You are at risk if you have previously had an infection in your Fallopian tubes or a pelvic inflammatory disease, or your Fallopian tubes have been otherwise damaged . The chances also increase if you become pregnant while wearing a coil (IUD) or while taking the Mini-pill.

Can I still have a normal pregnancy?
You can still have a healthy pregnancy after having had an ectopic pregnancy,  although your chances of conception  are slightly reduced.


Some women are more at risk

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Some women are more at risk than others of suffering with [url=http://motherhow.com/what-is-an-ectopic-pregnancy-signs-and-symptoms/]an ectopic pregnancy[/url]. Having an awareness can help identify those more at risk so that they can consult a doctor as soon as possible. Risk factors for ectopic pregnancy can be quite different.

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