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clinic in Ukraine
I know no one would like his/her health to be interupted. Everyone will do everything for his/her health safety. I remember how my aunt used to go clinic by clinic. she needed to learn and practise family planning. She had gone for a check up and was told that the method she was using may affect her health. She had problem in her blood cot. Being using patch was a great risk for her health. She could not have understood it if she had not visitted this clinic in Ukraine. This video may help you make a good decison.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wkbgaaXc2XaxTYJhtR0rA
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Hey Melissa, Sorry to hear about the case of your Aunt. How is she doing now? I watched the link you shared. And also this one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg15WUWvvl_jWlq45hP0NXQ . Still, I have so many questions, I might visit the centre myself someday. Just to get a clear picture of what's it all about. The whole hype about Ukraine. The clinic. And of course, the Surrogacy. As for the blood problem. Do you mean blood clot? This is something particularly interesting to me. I have a background in Pharmacy. And an abundance of medicine are available to treat the condition. Aside from conceiving. Blood clot is a matter of life and death. It's dangerous for your aunt to keep along with that. You might want to first get her treated for this disease. Get her out of all the dangers. And then consider having a baby for your aunt. Even if she become mother, what good would it be if she can't be the parent? Do you grasp the grim realities here? I don't mean to terror you anyway. Only want to save the many troubles. Life already is hard for everyone. I try to help those sufferers I encounter. Love and Happiness for you.
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Yes people try again and again. This is not great when someone has problem. This could be so much devastated condition for her. Well may she get well soon. Best if luck to her. You don't worry please.
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It scares me how people can go to any extent for a baby. The reason might be a lot of peer pressure maybe. In any case, it is dangerous to risk your life to bring another one in the world. Your first priority should be your health only. When you are healthy, you can then only give birth. It is also okay to not give birth naturally. There are many other solutions. Many infertility treatments and surrogacy have made it convenient for couples to fulfill their wish of having a baby.I am a diabetic patient and that affected my heart. My doctor said I could give birth but it can take my life. My husband strictly asked me to never think about it. I loved children and it broke my heart into many pieces.Then I found out about a clinic in Europe. It was a game changer. We decided to go for surrogacy and in a month I will get my baby hopefully. This one clinic gave me the most important gift of my life.
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Indeed it is an amazing clinic. I am sorry to hear about your aunt. This clinic is renown for its surrogacy and IVF. I had 3 miscarriages in the first year of my marriage. After that, I was not able to conceive. I was so broken. I went for treatment which just wasted my 5 years. It was really devastating for me. I went to IVF and that failed in 2nd cycle. I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to the same clinic and had surrogacy there. They provided me with a healthy surrogate. I have a baby now. She just turned 2. I am planning to have another baby. I hope this would work.
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Well, that's really a great thing to hear. Sometimes, health-related cases are just affected in a better way. You can find cure anywhere. I'm glad it worked for her. I hope things get better on her side. Stay blessed dear! xx
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Hey, Mellisa, I hope you are doing well. I am glad your aunt was able to find the clinic. Conditions like these need to be treated immediately. Awareness needs to spread regarding such issues and their solution. It would be nice to know how did they treat her. What treatment did they opt for? I hope she is doing fine now. Do share more information.
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Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing fine. Melisa i am so happy that your aunt found out about the clinic on time. It must have been such a difficult thing to go through. I hope no-one goes through anything of this sort. I have also heard that the clinics in Ukraine are amazing at what they do. They provide their patients with complete guidance whether it s related to IVF or surrogacy. I had a friend who went to a clinic called the BioTexCom. And that they have had successful surrogate stories. Surrogacy is getting common by the day, and i am happy about it. No-one should feel left behind, but not having kids of their own. I a not saying that adoption or any other option is bad. But everyone wants their own kid. I hope everyone finds a solution to their problem. Prayers with everyone.
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Hey Melissa. Hope your aunt is okay. It must be frustrating for your aunt to visit multiple clinics like this. I would recommend doing strict background checks before going through with anything. As you've mentioned about the clinics in Ukraine, there are some very good ones. But with good comes bad, hence the need for checks. The channel you linked was very informative as well by the way, i really liked this video of them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6BiHLxzpH8. It's quite informative for people who would like to know more about surrogacy. So thank you for sharing that with us. Have a good day.
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My sister is also having conception problems that she ended up going from clinic to clinic as well. Hearing how good Ukraine is and the cost being cheap as well she decided to try her luck there. Being desperate for a baby she tried this fertility clinic called Lotus but the service and doctors were really bad. They were inexperienced and seemed to just waste time. Thank you for the link of this new clinic, ill be sure to send her there to try her luck. Please pray that our family gets blessed with a baby. My sister is desperate and has seemed to lost hope after the previous bad experiences
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Hi Melissa, It is sad to hear about your aunt. How is she? What was wrong with her blood? I would like to know more on this issue. I really hope things turn around for her. It is not easy going through such things. Prayers and best wishes for her. And thank you for sharing the video.
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Melissa, the recommendation is made right. And I feel sorry for your aunt. There are many clinics in Ukraine but you must be are that there are certain clinics which are now the talk of every forum. The clinics I would like to mention are Adonis and Lotus. They show very unprofessional behavior towards their clients. Choosing a right clinic is as important as the treatment.
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Infertility is a sad reality. I wish people didn't have to go through such a tough time. However, sadly many do. TTC is no easy thing. There are soo many out there who face difficulties. I think it's best to be patient and to be completely thorough in your research for alternatives. Surrogacy is a great way to opt for. I think it offers the best result. It's the most trustworthy. Obviously if done with the right clinic or organization. If you're worried about the price point, there are some great fertility clinics in Europe you should check out.
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The video is very informative. The clinic explains things in an extensive manner. They make sure that everything makes sense. Their website is also full of information. There is soo much on it. I love reading their blog posts as well. Every day they update it with the information about the things going on that day in the clinic. I always get amused by the number of females giving birth monthly due to different procedures. It is truly amazing. They also offer amazing treatments. I was reading about the mitochondria donation process. The process really blew my mind. In it, the donor's egg is used and the mitochondria from it is injected out. This is then injected into the patient's egg. This gives it the energy needed for implantation.
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Thank you for this. It would surely help someone looking for good clinics. I have seen so many good reviews about such clinics. This must be a great clinic. It's apparently very affordable too which is the best part. In today's economy, fertility treatments are almost impossible to afford. Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work.
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Unfortunately, finding a decent clinic can be difficult. Many couples go from clinic to clinic unsuccessfully. In addition, recently I have seen many negative reviews written by people who are completely disappointed. It is sad that this is happening today. Choosing a clinic must be very careful. A large percentage of success depends on this. By the way, I would recommend that you contact Biotexcom, in Kiev. They are professionals!

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