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can come out with a better option.
I got pregnant after a year after my marriage. Though i was not expecting I was overwhelmed with this news. I had always loved kids. I and my husband started planning for our baby just after the news. Everything was fine but in the third trimester, I met a severe accident. I had several injuries and unfortunately, I lost my baby. To worsen the situation doctors told me that I cannot conceive afterward. I felt so devastated that day. I felt so helpless. I desperately want to have a baby that is why I am browsing different clinics now. It is a blessing if one goes to a good clinic. As my own doctors do not have satisfactory answers to my queries. I am looking forward to options like donor conception or surrogacy. That is why I shared with you all so that I can come out with a better option.
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Hi Cinthia, I'm sorry to hear what happened with you. How long ago was it, exactly? You mention that it was a year after your marriage? And how come you cost yourself an accident? Especially at that sensitive stage? I'm not blaming you at all. I understand that it wasn't your fault. The fate meets us cruelly sometimes. And mostly when you're most happy. Anyhow. I have a knack for going philosophical. I do hope, you won't mind my digressions. (And musings, hah!). So, your doctor said that you can't ever conceive? And then you say that you quickly got other ideas. Who actually suggested you donor conception or surrogacy? Some consultant or just another friend? Or you got this idea on the forums? Because I have noticed almost everyone talking about surrogacy here and refering to this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wkbgaaXc2XaxTYJhtR0rA You might wanna check that, yo!
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I am so sorry to hear about you. Sometimes life brings such unpredictable situations in front of us. Thanks to the advancements in the medical field now there are plenty of options available to get pregnant. In your case I think surrogacy is the best option, I know a very good clinic in Ukraine they are providing excellent surrogacy treatment. The name of the clinic is BioTexCom, you can visit their website and decide what suits you the best. My friend had her treatment from there and she is very happy with their services.
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Hey, i am very sorry for your loss. Every one wishes to have a baby but no one can stand in front of nature. I wish God bless you with beautiful baby.ِ It is most tough part in life when you are waiting for someone for a long time and you came to know about that you are not having a baby any more. The best you can do is to take care of yourself. And you should support your family. And don't stop trying keep doing it.
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Hey there. I hope that you're doing good. I'm so sorry for your whole situation. It's so heart wrenching that you lost your baby in an accident. First, you faced a mc and then this accident. You must be very strong that you went through all this. You're an example of strength to every woman. You were totally fertile, then becoming infertile due to an accident is really the worst thing ever. I totally understand your pain. Yes, you're doing the right thing. You should definitely go for surrogacy. Surrogacy allows those to have kids who can't conceive anymore. The new techniques also provide a biological link to the baby. Your doctors maybe aren't giving you the right answer because they find it immoral in some countries. I don't know any clinic, but I hope that you find one soon. Take care of yourself. Best of luck
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Don't worry dear. Just feel yourself lucky because it's not your first time. we are unable to do anything if this could've happened after 1st time. What are going to do now. That's why just feel lucky. Any ways I am really sorry for what happened my friend. I am sorry for your condition. At least you had children. Don't worry everything will be fine.
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Hey Cinthia! Sad to hear your story. That accident not only took your baby but also left you with another loss for whole life. Its nerve-wracking to know such a news. But that's not the end. There are more ways to help you. IUI,IVF and surrogacy...They help you in fighting such a situation. I know a clinic in Ukraine, America. I visited it too. I was afraid of being infertile. As I am having endometriosis since age 20. Surrogacy is legal there. They giv a complete package. They deal you with the best. They make you feel at home. They are very friendly. You must give it a try there. I have heard that they have high success rate Wish you luck. Xxx.
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Hello everyone.I had TTC for last 4 years and getting no positive result.Almost I have to do all the possible things that in my range.At the end feeling always depressed and heartbroken.I am desperate to finding baby dust.I and my husband just want children in any condition.I was badly worried and finding no way..my best friend gives me strength and hope that soon things going alright.I and my husband go through IVF in Ukraine clinic.Finding hope that I conceive finally, my happiness is at the peak.feeling excited I had learned that with positivity we get the successful result.stay strong and keep your thoughts positive.never give up.I got very positive experience about that clinic.the moment they look into you; is inside the movement of baby making me very blessed.I am so lucky and thankful to this clinic that It finally make impossible things possible.Stay strong and keep trying soon it will happen for all ladies.Best wishes.

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