17 weeks pregnant

In week 17 of your pregnancy the eyebrows and the hair on your baby’s scalp continue to appear. The baby also continues to experience bouts of the hiccups. Although you aren’t able to hear them, you may begin to feel them, especially if this is your second baby. When you are 17


17 weeks pregnant

weeks pregnant, brown fat starts to develop under your baby’s skin. This will help keep your baby warm after birth, when the temperature change from your uterus to the outside world will be quite noticeable, to say the least. Your baby will add more layers of fat in the later months of your pregnancy.

You and your body - Week 17 of pregnancy

Your waistline will have completely disappeared and you may have begun to develop stretch marks. Bleeding gums may be a problem, so if you haven't had a dental check-up now is the time to go. If you work, you should start thinking about when you intend to leave and whether you will want to return.

Your growing baby - Week 17

Your baby’s limbs are fully formed in week 17, as well as the skin and muscle. Its taste buds are beginning to develop so that it will be able to distinguish sweet from non—sweetened fluid. After 17 week of pregnancy, the baby is about 5.1 inches (13 cm) long and weighs around 5 ounces (145 grams)