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The following questions will help you prepare your own birthplan.

  • Whom do you wish to have with you during labour- your partner, your mother, a friend? You can choose more than one birth partner.
  • Can your birth partner remain with you if you have to have a Caesarean or forceps delivery?
  • Are there special facilities such as a birthing pool or bean bags available?
  • Do you want to be free to move around during labour, or would you rather be constantly monitored while staying in bed?
  • Is there any special position you want to use for the birth?
  • Do you wish to wear your own clothes during labour and the birth?
  • Would you like music, soft lighting, massage or other therapies to help you cope with getting through labour?
  • How do you feel about pain relief? If you want to manage without any, you will need to make sure that everyone knows. If you want pain relief which sort do you want?
  • Are you prepared to have an episiotomy if it is required, or would you rather tear naturally?
  • Do you want your baby placed straight onto your abdomen after birth or do you want him or her cleaned up first?
  • Are you going to breast-feed? If so, do you want to put your baby to the breast immediately?
  • Do you want an injection to help deliver the placenta or would you preĀ­ fer to wait for it to be delivered naturally after the birth?
  • How soon after the birth would you like to go home, assuming that there are no complications?


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