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Beware of Such Clinics
Hope you are all enjoying good health. I am facing infertility from last 5 years. My husband and i decided to give a try to surrogacy. We decided to contact Lotus clinic after hearing too much about it. But our experience was not good. We tried to contact them via email or phone but failed. They didn't respond to our emails nor pick up our phone calls. Have anyone experienced the same issue? We are very much disappointed with their communication services.
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Yes, we have been through the same issues. They never even replying to our emails. I am not going to rely on them anymore. My friend's having same issues with them. I don't know why they doing this. Don't they want to work? I really don't know what to do. Well, Now I know about another clinic. I've heard that they are good. I am going to take help from that. I also want you to take help from them. It's going to be good for you.
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Hey. I hope you're doing okay. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. I can relate. There are two clinics who have very similar reviews. I experienced this problem before I went for surrogacy. It was such a horrible time for me. I was desperate for this to work. Only to find out that they weren't serious to help. I emailed Lotus so many times. I called them. Something was up every time. I'm glad I found BioTexCom for my treatment. I'm currently midway through my process. I'd suggest you go for them, they are so much better!
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I am really sorry to read about your experience. I can understand how hard this must be for you. Especially because you have been trying for 5years. I would recommend not to lose hope. Just research properly this time. It is really important to visit the right doctor for the process. Therefore, I would recommend that you visit a good doctor for your treatment. When you are researching look at the doctors years of experience. Also, look at the clinic's rate of success. These two things matter a lot. Other than this also look at the services that the clinic is offering. Good luck to you. I hope the procedure works for you. If you need any help let me know.
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This is such a good post. I'm glad you created this. It's so important to make sure women know the importance of making the right decision. These methods are quite expensive. You cannot just rush into a decision regarding a clinic. You need to be sure, after doing a lot of research. Best of luck to you, honey. I hope your luck turns around! Don't give up, alright?
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Joined: 2018-01-20
Hi Anna! How are you? I hope you are doing better. I feel bad for how that clinic treated you. But that clinic has treated all of us like that. I know it's painful, but there's nothing we can do about it. We can only do one thing and that's avoiding that clinic. If we avoid that clinic than maybe we will be able to make it work for us. The clinic I opted for after this was abroad as well. But that was the best clinic out there. There is no other clinic that can treat you like that. Good luck. Stay blessed. Take care. Bye!
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Hi Anna! How are you? Thank you for spreading awareness about them. People need to remember these names. Whenever you hear one of them, start walking the other way. These clinics have already destroyed a lot of lives. Spreading awareness about them is important so people can watch out for them. They have treated their patients so bad. If people will stop giving them attention, they will learn their lesson. I hope it can help people. I will pray for you. Good luck. My blessings are with you. Goodbye!
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Hi Anna! I hope you are doing well. That clinic also broke my heart like that. I believed in them, but they broke my trust. I was even 100% sure that this clinic will help me out. But when they treated me like this, this forum was the only place that helped me. The people here are so good, they helped me in getting back on my feet. These people made me strong. If i didn't meet these people at that time, i would have given up. Thanks to them, I was able to make it work. So don't worry, we will help you as well. Good luck. Stay blessed. Take care. Bye!
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Hi Anna! You were going for the right treatment, but you chose the wrong clinic for it. That clinic is the worst clinic ever. It has destroyed the lives of so many people. Thanks to the people here, the community is boycotting this clinic. They will go against them. You just need to find a good clinic for yourself. You can also visit the clinic where I had my treatment. It's the best clinic you will ever find. It has such affordable packages and other than that, the success rate of this clinic is the highest. There's no other clinic that even comes close to their success rate. God bless you. Best of luck. Look after yourself. Goodbye!
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Oh, unfortunately I read a lot of negative reviews about this clinic. It seems to me that such an attitude towards customers is unacceptable. Girls, what do you think of this? If they do not correct this situation, then they will not have a single client. It seems to me that you should look for another clinic. But I wish you not to give up and go to your goal. After all, surrogacy is a real chance for you to become parents.

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