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Attending prenatal classes
I am on my 6th month now, I have heard about prenatal classes ( http://www.newmummycompany.ca/services/prenatal-education-classes/ ) for pregnant women and would like to attend it. I would like to know the best time to attend it, i.e on which phase of my pregnancy should I attend the class? If here is someone in this forum who have attended these classes then please help me.
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Well, I don't know a right answer, because I've only found out that I'm pregnant. But I think the beginning of the 3rd trimester is a good time for such classes. Maybe you find answers here: http://motherhow.com/9-weeks-pregnant/
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i have never heard about them.. do you have any idea if we have the prenatal classes in Kingston Upon Themes? well, i could travel to London for sure, but I'm just wondering. ladies, did you attend them t the end? what's your opinion/recommendations?
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Hi dear. We weren't going to until my doctor basically told me I was crazy. She made a good point: my husband has never seen a baby born or been around a woman in labor. He has no idea what to expect. I've seen my sister and a few friends give birth, so I figured a book would be good for me. The more I thought about the more I realized the doctor was right. He's going to panic. He's not going to understand anything the doctor or nurses say or have any idea of what's normal and what's not. So, we signed up for a 1-day class and it is good says, my husband. He is getting a lot of knowledge about handling a newborn baby. We also get a lot of advice and knowledge from Lotus Clinic, one of the best clinics in Ukraine. Their tips helped a lot while I was conceiving. So I hope others will also understand the use of parenting classes and sign up there as soon as they can. Be safe and stay blessed.
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The pregnancy was planned for about 6 months, when the doctor suggested laparoscopy, for the diagnosis of patency of the fallopian tubes. I agreed. Before the operation, the surgeon said that he would decide on the spot what to do with the pipe that was suspected of obstruction, because there was twice a hydrosalpinx. When I woke up after the operation, there were two of us in the ward. We met with the girl, it turned out, both were on the same operation. We did not yet know that from that day on, pregnancy for us will be possible only with the help of IVF. The news that we removed 2 pipes, was instructed not to inform the leading treating physician, not the operating surgeon, but the unknown doctor, who allegedly was present at the operation. The verdict: "The surgeon made a decision to remove 2 pipes". I was in a state of shock, did not realize until the end what happened, could not even think about it. My psyche took care of me and dislodged reality. One thing I realized, now the pregnancy depends on IVF and miracle. For today, there are 4 attempts of IVF for 2 years in two clinics. The result - I'm preparing for the fifth. Then I had to figure out what the IVF procedure was. I was tormented by internal contradictions ...  Depends on the success of IVF from many, many factors: the state of parents (emotional, physical, etc.), the professionalism of the doctor. I was not ready, I was very afraid for the first time, I was afraid of everything ... Medications, hormones that changed my emotional state, fears ... I mixed up the injections, despite the fact that I am a responsible person. So I was frightened by fear, and I was shocked by the whole stimulation that I had injected a smaller dose of hormones than I was prescribed. It turned out a little egg. Two - in the end, and two transplanted. The second time I was more relaxed, 8 eggs, three were injected. I wrote letters to my twins every day, watched the video as they might grow. But on some day, I realized that I was writing nowhere, as if the connection had broken off and I was sure that they were hearing me. The third time was automatic, everything was right, tried to distract and not cycle ... It did not help. The fourth time was different. It was a new clinic, a new doctor. From the previous I left, because they began to offer already donor eggs ... The fourth time I realized that I was emotionally depleted, that I was on the verge of collapse and I no longer want to do IVF. I even thought that this time will be the last. I left all the vibe groups and forums, I could not hear and talk about it anymore. I'm tired!!!!! After puncturing the egg, I got hysterical, I began to suffocate, my body grew numb and panic ensued. I was sick and I wanted to cry and cry, that I can not do this any more and I do not want to !!!! It's just that my pain exploded. I frightened the visitors of the clinic, I was ashamed, but it was higher than me ... Then I realized that I needed rehabilitation and psychological help. This time the eggs were only 3, they planted 2. The transfer was for 4 days, after it I did not go to lie home, as usual, but went to the airport to meet my mother. I did not lie, did not take care of myself, but lived a normal life. I will not forget this day. I write now and I can not hold back tears ... My Birthday. In the morning on an empty stomach I go to donate blood, till the evening I go not myself, I occupy myself with deeds, as in a dream. The result comes to the post office after 4 pm, I check somewhere on the road in the phone in the car. The answer is POSITIVE !!!! I do not remember how I got home ... Of course, with a shattered psyche at that time, I came home, I had a mother at a party, and I began to cry from the doorway, she joined, thinking that again a negative answer. And I could not pronounce, trying to tell her, my mother is all right, the answer is positive, but she did not understand and, in general, we both sobbed, until it came to both that everything was fine ... The second time I donated blood in 2 days. Another two days later falls and another two days later falls. Pregnancy was, but did not develop. This is the end. From that moment, I woke up and said to myself, my life should be more conscious, I do not want to go with the flow and depend on internal attitudes and external circumstances. I took a timeout for 1 year.
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Hello Ellie, it's very difficult for me to read your story, because it's a great pity that you had to go through such a failure. You have done so much that I do not even know how hard it was for you to take a time-out for a year. Tell me please, did you think about that you would not try again? Perhaps you should use the service of a surrogate mother? Or you do not have a husband now? Just as far as I know, for a surrogate motherhood it is necessary to be married. Maybe you take the child from the orphanage? It would be a very noble step. Although, not everyone can decide on this. Of course, we are afraid that the child can manifest the genes of his real parents and they will not always be good. And not everyone can love another's child. All the same, your child is your child, your attitude will always be different. And in my opinion, you can not take a child from an orphanage when you are in despair. Because the views on life change, you can rethink your failures, and you will not need a child. So for this year, you will need to rethink your life. Think, can leave everything as is? Is it possible to use the service of a surrogate mother? True, this will require certain financial costs.
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Good for you. It is necessary though. May you get this accurately. Be a good mom. Always remember how much your mother loved you. Just try that as motivation. Best of luck friend. Take care.
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Bravo. It is great. May you get your destiny. Be a decent mother. Forget about how much your mom adored you. Simply try your best. Good luck dear. Baby dust to you!
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WOW! Congrats! That's really necessary, I agree. I'm also have had parental classes. But, my pregnancy ended up in an MC. So, yeah! Anyway! Wish you all the best! More baby dust to you. xx

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