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6 weeks pregnant with my first

Hi i am Jaimee am 6 weeks pregnant with my first . I am still having all the symptoms but i guess the fear is will it stop soon. And the midwife only reccomened that i just carry on with it. I have no female support so help someone ...

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Hi Jaimee and congratulations!! What got me to this website is the info, especially the 'weeks' section. Maybe it's helpful to you too. http://www.yourpregnancyforum.com/your-pregnancy-week-week
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Hey! Try to be positive and do worry so hard! Of course, it is normal, to be afraid, because baby - it is a baby. Go for a walk on fresh air, relax more, eat healthy food, do light exercises, read pregnancy articles to be more informed, like this one: http://motherhow.com/29-weeks-pregnant/. Good luck to you! Take care of yourself and your baby)
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I understand you being worried, but you need to chill. Baby does not need the stress coming from your mind and body. As people told you above - stay positive and try to find the places and people to relax. Even though you have no female support, go get one! It is always available on forums like that :) As a better option, sign up for a group of young moms. Sessions with people who have so much in common with you help a lot. It helped me to go through dozens of difficulties and fears. It's always better when they are shared. It is even more effective if you are attending those courses with your husband/boyfriend. Then, it is not just you and baby with all those hard times. Then, your man will understand your state of mind and body more. He definitely will be willing to go through everything with you. During this incredible time, there are so many things to do! Like yoga, exercises trips outside the city, pregnancy courses. Learn a language! And then teach your child when he is out in our world. From the beginning I considered the time of pregnancy as sickness and boredness, then I realised that it's time FOR YOU. Forget about everything, concentrate on yourself (most important!) and the baby. I'm sure you will start feeling much much better!
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Hi welcome friend congratulation for your first pregnancy. It is dream of every woman to become complete mother in their life. You are one of the lucky women who get natural conceive. You need not panic about this horrible situation in life. I am here for you provide valuable information that is sufficient to clear all your doubt in easy and effective way. I am feeling proud to share my own life experience to overcome from your own life problem. It is a very important to use proper safe and Secure method at early stage of pregnancy. You can enjoy this unforgettable moment in your life with positive thinking that reduce your stress and depression. We consult with the popular gynecologist of Ukraine to understand my problem in professional way. These are some simple and effective tips and tricks that you should follow strictly to get maximum positive benefit to enjoy healthy baby gift like me. It is very important to have proper planning to achieve your higher goal with healthy and proper safety way. You can start from the day first with Healthy lifestyle. You can take morning walk and easy exercise with lower pressure on your bump. It is very effective to provide proper blood supply to all reproduction system in proper working. You can take yoga and meditation posture to reduce stress and get full relaxation. The second most important thing that you should keep in mind is that healthy balanced diet. You should give preference to balanced diet that provides all valuable nutrition in exact amount to your body that is profitable for you and your baby in many ways. I hope you get sufficient information to clear all your doubt to get endless enjoy in your life like me.
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Hi..welcome and congratulations.. I'm pregnant to.. getting into my 6th week as well.. Not severe symptoms.. just some morning sickness.. but It wasn't that bad. Anonymous.. aren't you going to the doctor? You should check with doctor regularly.. even more if you don't have another support. We are here as well.. x
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Hi first of all, I want to wish congratulation for your pregnancy. This is an unforgettable moment of every woman’s life. You should enjoy and celebrate this moment with positive thinking. You need not panic about any critical problem with you. It is very important to manage stress and depression with the proper way to remove risk of miscarriage problem. I believe it is very horrible situation and not easy job to handle with easy and effective way but you have to face this difficult problem in life with positive thinking. The positive thinking is the best in class way to face any type of problem with professional way. You can read good magazine and books to inspire yourself and provide enough energy to boost your confidence for whole day working. I am here for you to solve your problem to understand my own problem in my life. I also face same problem in my life just 2 year ago now we are happy and healthy both mother and daughter and enjoy brightness in my family. It is good idea to make proper planning to handle this type of situation in your life. You should use proper safe and secure method to skip miscarriage problem. You should understand your body signal very well to handle all type of problem at early stage to create win-win situation for you to avoid miscarriage problem. You should maintain your body hormone level in balance. It is medical proven fact that balanced diet is very necessary to provide valuable nutrition to not only for mother but also for baby child to growth smoothly. You should maintain high hemoglobin level in your blood to have safe and secure pregnancy. I hope you get enough information to clear your doubt to sit and sleep in right posture to get maximum benefit.
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Hi Jaimee, that's great news! Congratulations! Nothing to worry about or fear.. just keep calm and enjoy your life normally. It is normal to face mood changes, fear and concern on the pregnancy first stages. You can always writes us here. We will all support you. You are not alone x
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Hi, my lady, Pregnancy is an exciting time, but managing your symptoms can prove challenging. You will have some of these symptoms as morning sickness, frequent urination, fatigue, swollen or sore breasts or larger and dark areolas around the nipples. All these symptoms are caused by pregnancy hormones and increased blood volume. I’d like to help you buy some pieces of advice to reduce morning sickness and fatigue as eating small meals several times a day. Avoid spicy or greasy foods. Drink plenty of fluids and take naps. This will be important after a baby is born. Skip caffeine and rely on fruit or juice for an energy boost. Good luck.
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Hi my lady, Pregnancy is an exciting time, but managing your symptoms can prove challenging. I coexisted with my friend during her pregnancy and I noticed some symptoms like morning sickness, frequent urination, fatigue, swollen or sore breasts or larger and dark areolas around the nipples. She felt sadness and sometimes she wanted to cry without specific reason. Sometimes felt afraid off these changes. But I think all these symptoms are caused by pregnancy hormones and increased blood volume. I’d like to help her by some advices to reduce morning sickness and fatigue. I told her to eat small meals several times a day and avoid spicy or greasy foods. Also, she Drank plenty of fluids and take naps. This will be important after baby is born. She skipped caffeine and relied on fruit or juice for an energy boost. I wish this experience profit you in your pregnancy and I recommend to follow healthy lifestyle. Good luck
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welcome Jaimee, I’m really happy for you. look after yourself and don’t worry about these symptoms. I had the same problem in my last pregnancy. I had some morning sickness and fatigue. Sometimes there was a frequent urination. I was so confused and afraid. When I asked my mum, she explained that all these symptoms are caused by pregnancy hormones and the increased blood volume. She advised me to eat small meals several times a day and drink plenty of fluids. She told me to avoid caffeine and relied on fruit or juice. My dear, wishing I can benefit you.

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