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While some moms have their babies prior to their due dates, most moms don't have their babies until after their due dates. You may see your practitioner more often. Some want to do a non-stress test to ensure baby is still doing well. His endocrine system is getting ready to produce stress hormones (you aren’t the only one who’s stressed!), which he’ll need to survive outside the womb. While you're tired of being pregnant, induction is harder on both you and the baby, often leading to increased intervention. 

You and your body

You are probably quite frustrated and tired of being pregnant. Your baby just isn't quite ready to be born. Making love is not only a wonderful way to connect with your partner, but it can help to bring on labor -- if your baby is ready and your membranes have not yet ruptured. Though induction can be tempting, remember that you "buy" a package of interventions if you decide to ask for an induction, so be sure to make an informed choice.

Your growing baby

Not much has changed since last week, to be honest, and your baby is medically ready to be born. She will, of course, continue to gain a little weight for as long as your placenta continues to nourish her, but her length is unlikely to alter much from now until the birth.


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