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In recent weeks, your baby's development has focused mainly on improving organ functioning. Your baby's brain and nervous system are working better every day. However, this developmental process continues through childhood and even into the later teen years. This month, your baby’s brain has prepared to manage the complicated jobs of breathing, digesting, eating and maintaining a proper heart rate.

38 weeks pregnantYou and your body

You will notice that the baby is moving about less now that it is head down in the uterus. You may be feeling tired and rather depressed about the waiting so try to keep busy.

Your growing baby

The baby has put on fat so that it now appears rounded and its skin has a pinkish look. The hair may be as long as 2 inches (5 cm) and the nails already need cutting. The vernix, which has been protecting the skin of the growing baby from the amniotic fluid, is beginning to dissolve. At this stage of your pregnancy, the baby now measures about 19.6 inches (50 cm) and weighs around 6.8 pounds (3,1 kg)




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