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The baby continues to pack on the pounds, accumulating fat all over his or her body especially around the shoulders. Your baby's most rapid period of weight gain will occur over the next three weeks, with weekly gains of up to a half pound. Given the crowded conditions inside your uterus, you may feel fewer of your baby’s movements this week.Crowding may make it harder for this bigger, stronger baby to give you a pinch, but you’ll probably feel lots of stretches, rolls and wiggles.

35 weeks pregnantYou and your body at week 35 of pregnancy

Discuss any worries you may have about labour and birth with your doctor or midwife. You will be feeling tired and even a little fed up, so try to get as much rest as you can. Pay special attention to your diet: you will be needing another 200 calories a day during these last weeks. Some practical planning now can save time and forestall anxiety at the time of labour and delivery.

Your growing baby - Week 35

The baby is putting on weight each day and now fills most of the uterus, so you may find it uncomfortable when it moves around. The baby now does body rolls rather than the more energetic movements it made when it was smaller. it is now about 18.2 inches (46 cm) long and weighs around 5.25 pounds (2,4 kg)



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