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The next four weeks will be a period of extraordinary growth. Next month, as your pregnancy approaches term, weight gain will occur a bit more slowly. At week 33, baby is almost fully developed. The pupils of his or her eyes can now constrict and dilate in response to light.Your baby’s lungs are much more completely developed, which allows for greater optimism if he or she is born this week. While their birth isn’t yet welcome, most babies born at this age will be healthy.

33 weeks pregnantYou and your body after 33 weeks of pregnancy

Your blood pressure may be slightly raised and you will probably be told to take things easy. Swelling of the hands and feet could also be a problem so try to get as much rest as possible, preferably with your feet up.

Your growing baby - Week 33 

The fingernails are fully formed although the toenails are not quite so advanced. The vernix covering the skin has become thicker. The lungs are almost fully developed and the baby will be practising breathing in preparation for the birth. It measures around 17.2 inches (44 cm) and weighs 4.2 pounds (1,9 kg)




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