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Lanugo, the layer of soft, downy hair on your baby’s skin, starts to fall off this week. The baby will lose most of his or her lanugo over the next few weeks. Right after your baby's birth, you may see some remnants on his or her shoulders or back.

Some women may notice a change in baby's movements this week, now that he or she has grown to the point of being crowded inside your uterus. Although your baby is moving around just as much, kicks and other movements may seem less forceful. For many women, this change becomes more apparent about week 34. You may want to check on your baby’s movements from time to time, especially if you think you’ve noticed decreased activity. To do this, sit down and keep a tally of how often you feel your baby move. Your baby's kicks or movements may seem a little muffled, given the space constraints inside your uterus. If you notice fewer than 10 movements in two hours, contact your care provider. Although no one would welcome the early arrival of your baby, it’s comforting to know that almost all babies born at this age will survive without life-threatening complications.

32 weeks pregnantYou and your body when 32 weeks pregnant

If you work, you may have left by now or will have a date when you are going to leave. Enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy and spend time singing and talking to your baby. You may find your baby's movements uncomfortable now that it is so much bigger. Occasionally, you may feel its feet getting stuck under your ribs.

Your growing baby - 32 weeks

The baby is now very energetic and it will have periods of extreme activity, and you will feel it twisting and turning. As it continues to grow it will have less and less room to move in, so it will soon settle, probably in the head-down position, ready for birth . The baby is about 16.7 inches (42 cm) long and weighs about 3.8 pounds (1700 grams)




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