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With the major developments finished, the baby now starts to gain weight very quickly. As space becomes tighter, you may not feel baby’s sharp jabs and punches as much as you did earlier. The baby is also developing a sleep and wake cycle. During periods of sleep, the baby will be very quiet.


29 weeks pregnantYou and your body when 29 weeks pregnant

You will probably be able to feel the baby's bottom and feet as it moves around. The baby will be putting pressure on your stomach and diaphragm now and you will need to sit down and rest more often.

Your growing baby - Week 29

The baby is filling almost all the space in your uterus and its head is now more or less in proportion with the rest of the body. The eyebrows and eyelashes are fully grown and the baby has quite a lot of hair which is still growing. The eyes, which can now open and close, are beginning to focus. The baby weighs around 2.5 pounds (1.2 kg) and is about 15 inches (38 cm) long.





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