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At this time, your baby’s hands are now fully developed, complete with miniature fingernails and the ability to curl his or her fingers into a tiny fist. This week, he or she is probably using these hands to discover different body parts.


25 weeks pregnant

Your little one is exploring the environment and structures inside your uterus, including the umbilical cord. The nerve connections to your baby’s hands have a long way to go, however if she or he wants to grasp a big toe, success will be an accident.

You and your body - Week 25 

When you are around 25 weeks pregnant, you should be look rosy-cheeked and healthy because of the increase in blood circulation under the skin. Pressure from the growing uterus on the bladder means that you need to make frequent trips to the lavatory. Cramp, heartburn and backache are often problems now.

Your growing baby - Week 25

The fetal brain cells continue to develop and become more sophisticated and the bone centres are beginning to harden. The baby actively practises breathing, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, as more air sacs develop in the lungs. When too much amniotic fluid is swallowed, you may feel a hiccup. When you are 25 weeks pregnant, the baby is about 13.6 inches (35 cm) long and weighs around 1.5 pound (660 grams)


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