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In week 21 the baby begins to absorb small amounts of sugar from the amniotic fluid he or she swallows during the day. These sugars pass through your baby’s digestive system, which is now developed enough to handle them. Any processing of the sugars, however, is only done as practice. The Baby is still completely dependent on the placenta for his or her nourishment.


Also this week, your baby’s bone marrow starts to make blood cells. The bone marrow works along with the liver and spleen, which have been responsible, up to this point, for making blood cells.

21 weeks pregnantYou and your body - Week 21

You should be able to see your abdomen ripple as the baby moves. You may be feeling slightly breathless as your expanding ribcage pushes upwards, giving your lungs less room. You will probably be feeling energetic so now is the time to tackle things such as planning the nursery.


Your growing baby - Week 21

The baby is very active now and you will probably be able to feel it kicking quite easily. If this disturbs you at night, stroke your tummy and talk to the baby because it will be soothed by the sound at your voice. The baby is now around 10.5 inches (26,5 cm) long and weighs about 12.8 ounces (365 grams).



I'm 21 weeks pregnant and

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I'm 21 weeks pregnant and about 6 this morning woke up with this horrible horrible pain all over my stomach, almost what I would consider a contraction.. they have continued to be on and off all day so far. If they continue could it cause preterm labor, and how can I get this to stop?

21 weeks pregnant and feeling

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21 weeks pregnant and feeling like a whale

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