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Your baby’s face takes on further definition this week, as the chin and nose become more refined. Week 12 also marks the arrival of fingernails and toenails. Your baby’s heart rate may speed up a few beats per minute. The end of week 12 of pregnany marks the end of your first trimester. As you enter the second trimester, all of your baby’s organs, nerves and muscles are formed and beginning to function together. Growth continues at a rapid pace, but baby is still small at this point.


12 weeks pregnantYou and your body - 12 weeks of pregnancy

You can expect to put on about one quarter of your pregnancy weight between now and week 20. You may be beginning to feel more energetic and generally better than during the past few weeks. You should consider telling your employer at this time that you are pregnant. Meanwhile, look at your lifestyle and be sure that your diet includes a sensible range of foods, for you and the unborn baby.

Your growing baby - Week 12

The baby's heart is beating at between 110 and 160 times a minute and its chest is beginning to rise and fall as it practises future breathing movements. Features are becoming more clearly defined and fingers and toes are now fully formed, with tiny nails beginning to grow. The baby can suck its thumb and it swallows amniotic fluid and passes it back as urine. When 12 weeks pregnant, the amniotic fluid is completely replaced every 24 hours. The baby is now about 2.1 inch (5,4 cm) long and weighs 0.5 ounce (14 grams)


I'm already 12 weeks pregnant

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I'm already 12 weeks pregnant [1], but still nobody knows about it! I think I'm going to tell my family tomorrow! [1] http://motherhow.com/12-weeks-pregnant/

In this month, [1] your baby

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In this month, [1] your baby will grow to more than three inches in length and almost one ounce. His head accounts for one-third of his total length, and his tongue, salivary glands, and taste buds have formed. You make first contact this month as you hear his heartbeat and perhaps even see him on ultrasound. [1] http://motherhow.com/3-months-pregnant/

You are now in the last week

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You are now in the last week of your first trimester. You might be putting morning sickness and extreme exhaustion behind you a bit now, although all those hormones could still be leaving you somewhat emotional! For more info about 12 weeks pregnant visit: http://motherhow.com/12-weeks-pregnant/

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12 week pregnant belly

Got a surprise quick

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Got a surprise quick ultrasound today. Baby was very active. He was kicking and punching big time!. Every single one of my previous one's with my boys they never really moved, so this was a real treat.

hi im Dianne and I am 12

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hi im Dianne and I am 12 weeks pregnant on thursday. Im sorry but im lucky not had no sickness just tired and moody . I have weekly scans as my baby is ivf. i am really looking forward to friday whe I have my hospital appointment and scan x

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