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Being pregnant is a very special experience. Nine months filled with excitement, doubts, questions and anticipation.

Sharing your questions and experiences with others is a great help during these precious nine months. Your Pregnancy Forum is dedicated to offering a pleasant and reliable platform to engage with other, soon-to-be moms.

During your special time of pregnancy, we offer that special place to talk about it.

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My friend had a fertility problem. She also took a lot of me...
botox? really? my cosmetologist suggests it fight wrinkles,...
I was also born because my mom had unprotected sex during he...
have you tried making an appointment at doctors? it might be...


Infections are caused by viruses or bacteria. Chickenpox, rubella (German measles), and herpes are caused by viruses. They cannot be treated by antibiotics. Bacteria are live organisms that can infect your body by multiplying in tissue and in the bloodstream. Serious bacterial infections...

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Q & A's

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Can I color or highlight my hair?
Can I have an X-ray
Can I use my cell phone while pregnant?
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Falling during Pregnancy
Full-body scanners at airports
Hot tubs and saunas
Household cleaners
Kitty litter boxes
Paint fumes

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